Education in PSU

Currently, over 5500 undergraduates, postgraduates and trainees fr om 56 Russian regions and 26 foreign countries study at the Institutes and Schools of the University, 3500 more are involved in its Lifelong Learning Structures. All the people and ethnic groups of the North Caucasus are represented in its friendly student community. PSU graduates live and work in more than 82 countries of the world.

PSU is one of the leaders in the transition to a multilevel system of higher education. Unique professional programs are being implemented in intramural, extramural, and part-time education. Master’s and postgraduate programs are successfully implemented as well. There are doctoral dissertation councils for philological and pedagogical sciences.

International Relations Administration of PSU helps to solve the problems of foreign citizens education, internships, additional training of the university tutors in the studied language countries, organizes tutors and students exchange.

There are 11 diversified multilevel subdivisions of a new type – Institutes and Higher Schools, implementing basic educational programs in PSU.

The Institute of International Relations provides students with the advanced knowledge and perspective in International Relations, World Economy, International Law, Public Relations, International Journalism and Conflict Management with a broad set of foreign languages which includes English, French, Spanish, German, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, and Hebrew. On the basis of the University operates one of the largest centers in the South of Russia in the sphere of international relations and international security.

The Higher School of Language Arts, European and Oriental Languages with “Pushkin Institute” Center for Russian Language and Culture, Center of International Education of PSLU combines conventional education with an internationally oriented approach, training specialists with profound knowledge of Russian language and literature, foreign languages and specific features of the intercultural communication in different regions of the world. A unique subject “Russian as Foreign Language” allows graduates to teach the Russian language abroad since students do also know English. Polish as well as one of the oriental languages can also be chosen as a foreign language.

The Institute of Linguistics, Communicative Management and Information Technologies which includes English and German Languages Department, Department of Linguistics and Informational Technologies, and Communicational Management Department, lays emphasis on a broad linguistic, communicational and informational training, though continuing the traditions of tuition of many years. The Institute provides students with profound competence in English and German languages as professionally qualified linguists, specialists in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, tutors and experts in Intercultural Communication in Commerce.

The Institute of Germanic Languages, International Marketing and Innovates includes German and English languages Department, single Russian Department of Spanish and English Languages, French and English Languages Department, which prepares tutors of foreign languages, experts in intercultural communication international tourism; and departments of: international marketing, international advertisement, information and computer technologies, social technologies, sport and tourism management, innovation studies (in social and humanitarian fields).

The Institute of Translatology and Multilanguage Studies offers eight foreign languages to learn: English, French, Spanish, German, Arabic, Chinese, Farsi and Polish. The department of Multilingualism is unique at offering to learn 4 foreign languages (English, German, French, and Spanish). The only department in the South of Russia “Literary work” (for the artistic translation) prepares not only translators but also writers and poets. A program called “3+2” is very popular – three years in Russia, two years abroad. This program provides graduates with two diplomas – for Chinese learners – a diploma of PSU and Chanchung University of China, for Arabic learners – a diploma of PSU and Asyut University of Egypt.

The Institute of International Service, Tourism and Foreign Languages which includes English and Roman languages Department, Department of International Service, Tourism, and Hospitality, Customs Department, and Economics Department, apart from English offers to learn French, Spanish, Italian and provides training of skills in international service, tourism, law and intercultural communication in customs service, intercultural communication in inter-confessional and state-confessional cooperation. It is possible to learn Portugal and oriental languages at the student’s option.   

The Institute of Human Studies is one of the best internationally oriented departments in Russia that enrolls high-quality experts with profound competence in foreign languages as well as in psychological counseling, labor psychology, organizational and managerial psychology, legal psychology, creative, childhood, management, and health psychology. Informational Technologies in Psychology Department which works on its basis is chosen by the people who are fond of computer science and successfully combine it with psychology and foreign languages.

The Higher School of Political Administration and Innovative Management offers a great variety of specializations providing knowledge of foreign languages including oriental languages. The School enrolls future public servants, managers, orientalists, lawyers. It offers further specializations: HRM, Information management or Theology, wh ere one can attain fundamental theological education with profound competence in religious culture, either Christian or Islamic within the scope of a unique and called-for specialization “State and confessional relations”.

Judicial Institute (Department) is a new structural division of PSU, formed on July 1st, 2014 on the basis of the Department of International Law at the Institute of International Relations, Customs Department of the Institute of International Service, Tourism and Foreign Languages, Department of Law of the Higher School of Political Administration and Innovative Management. It implements four programs: State Law, International Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law. It also implements an educational program of secondary vocational education “Law and Social Security Organization”. The educational process is organized considering the demands of employers and oriented on the practical skills obtainment. Experts from the governmental bodies, local authority, notary office, judicial and law enforcement bodies are invited to give lessons.

Institute of Distant Education and Information and Communication Technologies Development organizes extra-mural distant education in the PSU environment via the Internet to let people combine it with their basic occupation, providing students’ presence in the university by means of contemporary informational and communicational technologies. Distant education in PSU gives a student a possibility to determine his individual schedule and education pace within semesters, to maintain constant individual contact with a tutor, communication with the university, and to receive specialists’ advice any time. If a student does not have technical possibilities for education there are computer classes in PSU. Institute of Distant Education and Information and Communication Technologies Development also provides higher education possibilities together with intramural education in PSU or any other institution of Russia and world. Enrolment is carried out twice a year, in summer and winter.

Institute of Top-Qualification Experts (Postgraduate Education) is a new subdivision of PSU found on February 1st, 2014 after the Federal Law no.273 “About the Education in the Russian Federation”. In accordance with this law programs of scientific and pedagogic experts (postgraduate education), clinic studies, assistantship, and internship belong to the principal professional educational programs of higher education. Institute provides intra- and extra-mural education on 11 programs: Fundamental Medicine, Psychological Sciences, Economy, Sociological Sciences, Law, Political Sciences and Region Studies, Mass Media and Information Library Services, Education and Pedagogic Sciences, Linguistics and Literature Studies, Historical Sciences and Archeology, Philosophy, Ethics, and Religion Studies.

The University offers a wide system of the additional education, pre-university, and post-university education.

The Multilevel Innovative Life-long Learning Academy is a unique department of PSU, which combines educational and scientific functions and offer more than 200 additional training courses.

The Institute of Integrated Higher and Postgraduate Education Programs – is a massive regional center for the advanced training and scientific and methodological work in the south of Russia.

Business-School – is the only School in the region that offers modern and systematic business education on the specialties „Enterprise management“ and „Personnel Management“.

The Institute of state and confessional relations provides training of different level experts in the field of state, confessional, and interconfessional relations, including profound knowledge of Islam for organizational and administrative, representative and intermediary, expert and consult scientific and analytic activity.

The Center of Pre-Institution Education, Profession Oriented and Adaptation Technologies – Preparatory Department since 2013 has been an independent subdivision of PSU, created in accordance with a concept of necessity for new forms of pre-institution education development, as a constituent part of the PSU lifelong education system. Today one of the principal directions of the Center activity is a training of high school students for standard exams, profession orientation work, and psychological advice. Apart from that, workers of the Centers constantly provide methodic help for school teachers and work with school students’ parents talking about new trends of the Russian Education. More than 200 high school students visit training in the Preparatory Department of PSU every year.


Pyatigorsk State University provides international students and academic mobility participants with assistance in obtaining Russian student visa thus arranging and sending formal invitations thru Russia’s Federal Migration Service.
To start an invitation process it is needed to fill in the Application online and send it timely to International Office at the address or
It takes up to 40 days to process and to send an invitation.
Visa issued by the Russian Consulate in your country grants single entry to Russian Federation within 90 days from the date of issue. Upon 90 days it is reissued by our University on - site as multi-entry visa that within its validity.
Contact: Ms. Anna Chernova, Head, Dpt. Of International Students
              Phone: +7 8793 40 02 22


The International Students Department facilitates taking out reasonably priced local student health insurance for the period of stay that ensures free medical assistance provided at Pyatigorsk city medical facilities and clinics except for chronic diseases treatment and dentistry.
Contact: Ms. Anna Chernova, Head, Dpt. Of International Students
              Phone: +7 8793 40 02 22


Pyatigorsk State University offers accommodation at several dormitories throughout the city while international mobility students are commonly accommodated in an on-campus safeguarded dorm in walking distance from the main PSU building. The lodging units with shower cabins and bathrooms consist of 2-3 two-bed rooms. The galley kitchens equipped with cook stove, frig, microwaves, kitchenware, and utensils provide opportunities for self-cooking. Self-operated laundry facility is also available.
The request for dorm accommodation should be mentioned at the time of application.
Contact: Ms. Anna Chernova, Head, Dpt. Of International Students
              Phone: +7 8793 40 02 22


Application procedure information

The home university should send to PSU the list of nominated students with personal details and expected disciplines to study:
for Fall semester not later than May 15 and their applications with scanned mandatory documents by May 30; for Spring semester not later than October 15 and their applications with scanned mandatory documents by October 30.
The Application’s online form can be found and downloaded at
Acceptance letters are released within 7 days after receipt of the application and mandatory documents.
Contact: Ms. Anna Chernova, Head, Dpt. of International Students
              Phone: +7 8793 40 02 22

Documents required for application

  •       filled-in Application form;
  •       a scan of the passport (page with personal info and photo);
  •       draft Learning Agreement with requested disciplines indicated.
Contact: Ms. Anna Chernova, Head, Dpt. o f International Students
              Phone: +7 8793 40 02 22