Заврумов Заур Асланович

Zavrumov Zaur Aslanovich

Prorector for academic work and development of intellectual potential of the university

Professor The Chair of Theoretic Linguistics and Intercultural Communication Practice

E-mail: nauka@pgu.ru
Phone: +7 (879-3) 400-434
Work experience: 36 years
Teaching experience: 36 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 34 years
Zaur Aslanovich Zavrumov – Candidate of Philological Sciences, Assistant Professor of the Chair of Philology at the Department of English and Romance Languages.

Z.A. Zavrumov graduated fr om the Department of English and German languages of Pyatigorsk State Institute of Foreign Languages (now Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University) in 1982. From 1982 to 1984 he served in Military Forces of USSR.

In 1988 Z.A. Zavrumov defended a Candidate thesis in English Philology. He has risen through the ranks from the Chairman of trade union committee of students and postgraduates of the university to the deputy director of administration of international relations of the university, and then Dean of Translation Department. Z.A. Zavrumov is a member of Association of Translators and Interpreters of Canada, and a member of American Association of Communication.

In 2005 Z.A. Zavrumov occupied position of director of the Institute of Postgraduate Education and Master’s Programs of PSLU. In September 2006 he became a Prorector for academic work, from September 2007 – Prorector for academic work and development of intellectual potential of the university.

While working in the university, Z.A. Zavrumov worked out programs on oral and written speech teaching, practical grammar, introduction in linguistics, lexicology. Zaur Zavrumov is a mentor for course and qualifying papers. His area of expertise includes issues of English philology, and methods of foreign language teaching. In present, he is lector of oral and written speech practice for 5 year students, and reads lectures on lexicology.

Z.A. Zavrumov is a Chairman of Editorial-Review Board of PSLU. Editor in Chief of “PSLU Herald” scientific journal.

Z.A. Zavrumov several times was on foreign work trips. During 4 month he worked at Thames Valley University (London, Great Britain), wh ere he presented the range of subjects connected with translation teaching in the Chair of Slavonic Languages. He received a letter of gratitude from a British Council for his successful work.

Since 2000 Z.A. Zavrumov has been in charge of annual academic Olympiads in English. Up to recent time he has trained the best graduates from institutions of Stavropol Krai for participation in all-Russian Olympiads in English. In 2004 Z.A. Zavrumov was the deputy chairman of commission for the final round of all-Russian Olympiad in English. For this work he received gratitude from the Federal Agency on Education, and was given with diplomas from the Ministry of Education of Stavropol Krai and from the Governor.