Свионтковская Светлана Викторовна

Sviontkovskaya Svenlana Viktorovna

Work experience: 33 years
Teaching experience: 33 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 33 years

Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor at the Chair of Spanish Studies and Intercultural Communication.

She has been working at the chair since 1987.

She gives the following classes:

1)      Timely problems of contemporary linguistics;

2)      Stylistics;

3)      Practice course of the first foreign language;

4)      Practicum in the culture of verbal communication of the first foreign language.

Area of expertise: linguoculturological and cognitive problems of the study of linguistic units and different types of discourses.

Professional achievements:

-          In 2000 S.V. Sviontkovskaya defended her candidate thesis titled “Functions of zoomorphisms in Formation of a Pragmatic Potential of the Literary Text (on the basis of Spanish and English languages)” and received a degree of the Candidate of Philological Sciences in 10.02.20 Comparative, historic, typological and contrastive linguistics.

-          In 2005 she received an academic rank of Associate Professor;

-          In 2005 she was awarded a Certificate of Honor of the Stavropol Krai Ministry of Education;

-          In 2007 she was awarded a II Degree Diploma “For the Development of Students’ Research Work”;

-          In 2014 she took an internship in Mester language school in Salamanca, Spain;

-          In 2014 she was awarded a Certificate of Honor of the Pyatigorsk Mayor;

-          In 2012 – 2015 she was giving classes at MIALE in “Efficient Intercultural and Business Communication. I and II years” Spanish Language” and “Innovative Strategies of the Verbal Communication (Spanish language)”;

-          In 2016 she published a textbook titled Theory of Intercultural Communication (co-authors Y.V. Taratukhina, S.N. Bezus), which was marked by the Academic Methodological Association;

-          She supervises the postgraduate students;

-          She is a member of the Spanish Scholars of Russia Association;

-          A high-qualified expert, who give glasses considering the contemporary didactic requirements and on the basis of the newest Russian and foreign working-outs.