Коргова Марина Анатольевна

Korgova Marina Anatolyevna

Work experience: 34 years
Teaching experience: 26 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 22 years

Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor M.A.
In 1985 she graduated with honors from the Penza State Pedagogical Institute, majoring in History.
In 1996 she graduated with honors from the Russian Academy of Public Administration with a degree in Sociology.
In 1999 she defended her thesis on 22.00. 08. Management Sociology on the "Formation of teams - subjects of management activities" in RAPA.
Since 2001 she has been an assistant professor.
In 2005 she defended her doctoral thesis on 22.00. 08 - Management Sociology - Formation of personnel management in organizations of modern Russia (on the materials of the region of the south of Russia) at the Rostov State University.
Since 2007 she acquired the title of professor.
Since 2014 - Full member of the Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences.
Since 2014 - Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation.

Scientific activity
Marina Korgova is an author of 70 scientific publications (more than 350 sheets in total). Hirsch index – 12.
Scientific directions, and areas of expertise:
-    organization and improvement of the general and human resources management in contemporary Russia Organizations;
-    management of development and competitiveness of the Russian organizations;
-    management of the best world businesses;
-    problems of the business education and mechanisms of their solution.

Actual scientific projects: contemporary formats of the business education; human resources management in contemporary organizations; new trends in the management of the Russian organizations.

Postgraduate Studies Supervisor.

Since 2003 Professor M.A. Korgova has been supervising the postgraduate studies majoring in 22.00.08 Management Sociology in Pyatigorsk State University. More than 14 candidate theses were defended under her supervision.

Consulting activity
For more than 20 years she has been consulting the businesses of the region in the management field.

The purpose of the consulting is the analysis of the organization’s management and an offer of its optimization technologies. The basic consulting directions: working out of a strategic plan of an organization, optimization of the structure and relations in an organization, establishment and improvement of the human resources management system (employment, motivation and stimulation, education, adaptation, personnel activity estimation, management of the carrier development of employees), teams formation.

Lector activity

Since 1996 Marina Korgova has been working at the Chair of Creative and Innovative Management and Law at Pyatigorsk State University (former Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University). She provides courses: Human Resources Management, Management Theory, Management History at the Higher School of Political Education and Innovative Management. She has worked out methodical aids, textbooks for all academic disciplines, according to the requirements of the state educational standards.

M. Cordova is an initiator of a transition to the active cognitive form of the work with the management students (case-study; business games, training, discussions, problem tasks, practice classes).

Since 2016 she has been working at the Chair of Humanitarian Sciences, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility at the Department of Business and Business Administration at RANEPA.


M.A. Korgova is awarded:
- Certificate of Merit of the Governor of Stavropol Krai for her merits in the social policy in the lectors’ retraining and experts of the government and municipal service;
- Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation for a long-term fruitful work on a development and improvement of the academic process, significant contribution to the training of high-qualified experts. 233 /k-n Order from February 18, 2008.
- Certificate of Merit of the State Duma of Stavropol Krai;
- An active member of the Academy of Pedagogic and Social sciences (Moscow, May 2014);
- An honorary worker of the Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation (October 2014).

Training activity

M.A. Korgova is a practicing business trainer:

-    Management in the best world companies;
-    New trends in the businesses management;
-    New forms of the strategic planning;
-    Organizational projection and modeling of the business processes;
-    Optimization of communications in the organizations;
-    Transforming leadership;
-    Formation and development of the management commands as the subjects of management activity;
-    Timely problems of the human resources management of the contemporary organizations and the mechanisms for their solution;
-    Motivation and stimulation of the organization staff: theories, methods, and instruments;
-    Diagnostics and correction of the social and psychological qualities of a manager. Individual and group consultations;
-    Time management;
-    Personal development training.