Герейханова Ирина Александровна

Rumachik Irina Aleksandrovna

Work experience: 11 years
Teaching experience: 10 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 10 years
Irina Aleksandrovna Gereykhanova, head of the Chair of Journalism, Media Communications, and Public Relations, Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor, an officer of Scientific and Research Institute of Strategic Studies.

In December 2013 she defended her candidate dissertation on “Social Safety as an Indicator of National Safety of Contemporary Russia” to apply for a candidate of political sciences in 23.00.02 – Political Institute, Processes, and Technologies. In 2018 I.A. Gereykhanova acquainted an academic rank of associate professor.

Area of her expertise includes social safety, political stability, national safety, public relations in international relations, social and political communications in contemporary society, national interests in the informational environment.

She is an author of more than 50 scientific works, including 5 monographs, 2 academic and methodic aids, a patent for an intellectual property object.

I.A. Gereykhanova participated in scientific and educational conferences and forums:

Perspectives of the Newest Informational and Communicational Technologies Utilization in Contemporary Economics – V National Scientific and Practical Conference, Pyatigorsk (2018);
Kaspiy Politological School, Russian Caucasus 2016 forum, Pyatigorsk (2017);
Metascientific Study of Artificial Intellect – II (VII) International Scientific and Practical Conference, Pyatigorsk (2019);
Peace in the North Caucasus through the Languages, Education, Culture: Russia – Caucasus – World Community, International Congress, Pyatigorsk (2010).

Every year I.A. Gereykhanova takes additional training.