Семенцова Наталья Викторовна

Sementsova Natalya Viktorovna

Work experience: 19 years
Teaching experience: 19 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 19 years

Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor at the Chair of Spanish Studies and Intercultural Communication.

She has been working at the Chair since 2000.

She gives the following classes:

1)      Lexicology;

2)      Fundamentals of the Text Analysis (First foreign language);

3)      Practice Course of the First Foreign Language;

4)      Speech technologies.

Area of expertise: linguoculturology, phraseology of Spanish language, problems of foreign languages and intercultural communication teaching methods.

Professional achievements:

-          From 2003 to 2010 she was a deputy dean for academic work of the Chair of Spanish and English Languages;

-          Since 2004 she has been a member of the jury at the regional stage of All-Russian Spanish Language Olympiad;

-          In 2008 she received an academic rank of Associate Professor;

-          Since 2008 she has been given classes of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication: Spanish language at MIALE.

-          Since 2014 she has been the head of the Center of Spanish Language and Culture;

-          In 2011 she was awarded a Certificate of Honor of the Pyatigorsk Mayor;

-          In 2015 she took Curso superior de profesores de español in Mester language academy in Salamanca, Spain;

-          In 2016 she published her textbook in analytical reading “Te invitamos a leer” (co-author E.N. Pronchenko);

-          In 2016 she was awarded a Certificate of Honor of the Pyatigorsk Mayor;

-          In 2016 she actively worked in Linguist – Summer Linguistic Camp;

-          In 2017 she published an academic aid in Spanish language “Ocho escalones” (co-author N.I. Filatova);

-          In 2017 she took Curso de formación para profesores en ELE in Delibes language school in Salamanca, Spain;

-          She is a member of the Spanish Scholars of Russia Association;

-          She is a high-qualified, initiative and creative lector, creative and innovation-friended expert.