Higher School of Design and Architecture

Higher School of Design and Architecture (HSDA) was formed in 2017 as a structural subdivision of Pyatigorsk State University. However, its history starts in 1998, when it was opened in Zheleznovodsk, backed by the Union of Russian Artists, Union of Russian Designers, and the Russian Academy of Arts. It was the first non-state educational facility for designers training in the whole country. In 2004 Higher School of Designed become a branch of Rostov State Academy of Architecture and Arts, and in two years it became a branch of Southern Federal University in Zheleznovodsk up till 2016.

During the years of its activity, HSDA formed a high-qualified teaching staff, gathered a great methodological base. HSDA students won different level competitions including international competitions. During 18 years, students and a teaching staff of HSDA together with a department of the Union of Russian Designers in Caucasus Mineral Waters had been hosting “Ferodiz” International Festival of Design, Arts and Crafts, and Folk Craft. In October 2015 HSDA organized XXIV International Competition of Graduation Qualification works in Architecture and designed, supported by International Organization of Architecture Education Support. HSDA graduates are nominees of different awards and competitions, authors of big design and architecture projects, members of Unions of Architects, Designers, and Artists of Russia.

Today HSDA provides an educational activity in following programs of higher education:

  • 54.03.01 Design: Environment design;

  • 54.03.01 Design: Communicative design

  • 54.03.02 Arts and Crafts: the textile arts;

  • 07.03.01 Architecture: architectural design.

In 2019-2020 academic year the Higher School is planning to start new majors for bachelors:

  • 44.03.05 Pedagogic education (with two majors): visual art and English language.

There is also a training program:

  • 54.01.20 Graphic Designer.

Education in HSDA is aimed at the training of high-qualified experts, who are able to transform harmonically the environment, to improve the image of beauty, interior, and space where people live. Designers, architects, artists, as well as art teachers who fluently speak English, are in great demand nowadays. HSDA students receive high-level art and project culture education. Regular participation in professional exhibitions and competitions allows them to correspond to the contemporary requirements for the representatives of creative professions. The scientific activity of HSDA students is linked with real applied research and creative project implementation in the first place, as well as participation in different seminars and conferences, publications in the field editions.

HSDA trains competitive specialists, authors of unique work of arts. Knowledge obtained during the study, creative attitude to work, ability to react to new world trends in design and architecture is a way to success for HSDA graduates.

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