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Технологии и управление в индустрии туризма и гостеприимства

Судебная экспертиза

Специалист органа опеки и попечительства в отношении несовершеннолетних

Современные технологии социальной работы

Современные технологии преподавания иностранного языка в образовательных учреждениях в соответствии с требованиями ФГОС среднего (полного) общего образования

Современные технологии организации образовательной работы с детьми дошкольного возраста в рамках реализации ФГОС

Современные технологии гостиничной деятельности

Современные педагогические технологии в деятельности преподавателя профессионального обучения медицинских работников

Современные научные основы лингвометодического описания и преподавания русского языка как иностранного

Современные интерактивные технологии в преподавании социологии и политологии

Современные инструменты маркетинга, рекламы и PR

Современные информационно-коммуникационные технологии в деятельности преподавателей технических и естественнонаучных дисциплин

Система противодействия коррупции в органах государственной власти и местного самоуправления

Психология предпринимательства

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Institute of Integrated Programs of Higher and Postgraduate Education is a powerful regional center of the advanced training and activation of scientific and methodic work.

The programs of the advanced training courses are connected with a current necessity to arm a contemporary expert with professional competencies, which include the ability to apply modern innovative approaches, methods, and technologies in his activity, to study and adopt new educational technologies including multimedia; to manage efficiently the organizational resources, time, assets; to work with information in an efficient way and make managing decisions; to develop a social partnership; to form a new approach in different situations; to encourage new ideas and approaches, to organize efficient human resources work in planning, personnel selection and development, as well as education and motivation of personnel, fair assessment and stimulation, etc.

IIPHPE invites high-qualified scientific and pedagogic workers for development and implementation of the additional education programs: A.P. Gorbunov, M.A. Astvatsaturova, N.V. Baryshnikov, I.Y. Boyazitova, A.L. Brodsky, A.V. Vartanov, E.V. Vinogradova, G.A. Vorobiev, E.V. Davydova, L.A. Gorokhova, E.V. Efimova, I.D. Ibragimov, M.A. Korgova, G.V. Kosov, V.D. Laza, O.A. Leonovich, L.V. Obraztsova, V.N. Panin, S.V. Khrebina, E.Y. Shamlidi and many others, as well as the best experts of the Russian Federation and abroad.

PSU has a unique material and technical base for a successful solution of any type of issues connected with training and retraining of experts including ultra modern multimedia class rooms which coincide with the world standards.

IIPHPE auditory has an Internet access, eLearning environment and actively use its possibilities in scientific and practical work. An electronic library of PSU, as well as computer dissertation hall with an access to dissertation and scientific funds of Russian State Library, play an important role in the intensification of the learners' work.

Training directions:

Culturology, social and cultural projects;

Education and pedagogic sciences;

Political sciences and regional studies;

Psychological sciences;

Service and tourism;

Mass media and information and library activity;

Philosophy, ethics, and religious studies;

Economics and management;

Legal sciences;

Sociology and social work

according to the Federal Law “About Education in the Russian Federation”, the current legislature, documents of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, Regulations of PSU, Statute of Institute of Integrated Programs of Higher and Postgraduate Education, other normative and legal acts and based on the licenses issued by the corresponding executive authority bodies of the Russian Federation.

Additional professional programs of the advanced training, professional retraining are worked out and implemented by the Institute.

A content of additional professional programs considers the federal state educational standards, professional standards, qualification requirements, pointed out in qualification guides in certain professions, positions, and specialties, or qualification requirements to professional knowledge and skills, necessary for the official duties implementation.

Admission for additional educational programs may be carried out all year round, in terms stipulated by the IIPHPE education schedule.

Requirements for an education level:

In programs of advanced training/professional retraining

For specialists:

-          Diploma in secondary vocational education or higher education and a copy (if surname or name in diploma does not coincide, it is necessary to have a copy of a marriage certificate or a document about the change of a name or a surname).

For students:

-          Certificate of study.

Access to the additional professional programs of advanced training and retraining is provided for:

-          the persons with secondary vocation and (or) higher education; this education should be proved by the document;

-          the persons who are studying at secondary vocational and (or) higher education programs (students, master’s students, postgraduates).

An education agreement may also be concluded with a private individual based on the education document and a claim.

Forms of education

Intra-mural, extra-mural, part-time, distant


Additional professional program (advanced training or professional retraining) can be implemented in a full scale, or partly as an internship.

An internship is provided in order to study a progressive experience, including foreign one, and practice of a theoretic knowledge from the professional retraining programs. Applying of skills for their efficient use in practice.

Internship content is determined considering the offers of organizations which send their experts to an internship.

Internship terms are determined considering the purpose of the educational program. Its term is also is coordinated with a host organization’s director.

Training time

-          advanced training courses (from 16 hours) in certain directions;

-          additional educational programs without qualification appointment, with professional activity right (from 250 hours);

-          additional professional educational programs training with qualification (from 750 hours);

-          individual internships;

-          professional training.


After the termination of programs and successful defense of qualification work or qualification exams, the students receive the following documents:

-          certificate of an advanced training;

-          diploma for a professional retraining.

Distant education

IIPHPE organizes a distant education. This allows a student not to attend the educational organization, or his attendance is much less than it is in traditional education. The biggest part of the listeners’ work is done on the Internet when convenient.

Organization of a distant education process fully corresponds to the requirements of the current legislature. The Institute applies the most contemporary technologies of classes video-translation, a distant interaction of tutors and listeners, access to educational materials, worked out in modern electronic forms.

The Institute implements more than 50 programs of professional retraining and advanced training and offers more than 50 distant informational and consulting seminars (webinars) in all directions.


 The university offers a dormitory while studying the courses. Accommodation and food are paid additionally.

Accommodation in the dormitory – 750 rubles/night.

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