Pyatigorsk State University continues implementation of the project to form a partner network of Pushkin Institute, backed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

On November 17 and 21, 2016 Pushkin Institute - Centers of Russian Language and Culture were opened in two buildings (Almada and Viseu) of the partner Institute of Piaget. It was done with participation of PSU experts N.A. Orlova, and N.V. Khomovich. They gave the Centers Russian symbols, videos, reading materials, and printings for its decoration.

Video-presentation of the Pushkin Institute Center in PSU was shown on a meeting with administrative and teaching staff of the Institute. Principal areas and forms of Pushkin Institute Centers, and further bilateral collaboration were discussed there as well.

Within the methodic round-table PSU experts introduced educational opportunities of PSU and its Center of International Education, academic mobility programs, short and long terms courses of the Russian language with technologies of usage of Education in Russian portal, showed the possibilities of cooperation of foreign and Russian targeted student audience, possibilities of Education in Russian portal for self-education. A short methodic introduction into the Russian language as foreign language (on example of elementary level) was organized by request of the institute tutors. 

Several workshops were organized for the students of Institute of Piaget. “Russian language in global educational space”, “Tourism Capabilities of Russia” with discussion of the role of Russia in poly-cultural space, formation, and development of ties between Russia and Portugal through Russian language and culture. Variants of organization of Pushkin Institute on the basis of the Centers were discussed, as well as event for popularization of Russian language and culture, which will be of interest for the students of Institute of Piaget.

Information about the creation of the Centers of Russian Language and Culture in the Institute of Piaget is available on its web-page.

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