Pyatigorsk State University announced the results of the All-Russian Creative Competition “Following the Path of Middle-Earth”, devoted to the 125th birthday of John R.R. Tolkien, the famous English writer, pioneer of a fantasy genre. School students from Stavropol Krai, Rostov and Chelabinsk Oblast, as well as from other Russian cities took part in this competition.

The competition was initiated by the department of Literary Creation of the Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism with participation of creative association, such as “Doska Kovchega”, cartel of young translators “Order of Saint Jerome”. The jury was headed by Tatiana Savchenko, PSU lecturer, Candidate of Philology, and student of the graduate year from the department of literary creation Yulia Zubtsova. Due to their work within the project of “University to School” the department conducted the whole range of Russian and regional literary competition: New adventures of Kuzya Domovionok; This is Elementary, Watson; competition of young translators. The further plans include “Competition of Russian Literature Experts”.

Following the Path of Middle-Earth competition organizers received several dozens of works in different nominations. High school students tried their best in poetry based on the J.R.R. Tolkien’s books and presented their own translations of writer’s verses and prose. It is worth noting that the school students showed a good level of English as well as native language and demonstrated their good translation skills which further can be developed to the professional level. Tolkien’s Art was the brightest and crowded nomination; participants, even the smallest, sent more than 20 paintings and illustrations based on the J.R.R. Books.

The jury had a tough time choosing the best. Thus, three nominees were chosen in every nomination. We congratulate the winners of the competition and wish further success!

1st place – Anastasiya Latysheva (School no. 7, Georgievsk);
2nd place – Aleksandr Arapov (School no. 11, Novy, Georgievsk region);
3rd place – Mariya Diakonova (School no. 9, Satkinskiy municipal structure of Chelyabinsk Oblast).

1st place – Anastasiya Khalimova (School no. 9, Satkinskiy municipal structure of Chelyabinsk Oblast).

1st place – Anastasiya Khalimova (School no. 9, Satkinskiy municipal structure of Chelyabinsk Oblast).

Tatyana Dmitriyevna