Final Attestation of Double Diploma Program Students of University of Vanvitelli Campania terminated on June 15, 2017 at the Institute of International Service, Tourism, and Foreign Languages. Final attestation consisted of the final state interdisciplinary exam and presentation of a graduation work. State examination committee noted good Russian language skills and high degree of professional competency of the graduates.

It was the first time that presentation of graduates work, supervised by the leading Russian and Italian experts, took place in Pyatigorsk State University. The presentation was observed by the international jury, which included Professor Y.Y. Grankin, Prorector for the Academic policy, education quality control, and informatization, Professor V.E. Mishin, Head of the Department of International Ties and Educational Programs, Professor I.M. Akopyants, director of Institute of International Service, Tourism and Foreign Languages, representatives of the Italian partner University of Vanvitelli Campania headed by Professor Rosanna Cioffi. The expert group included: Marcello Rotilli, director of Philology Department, Professor Julio Sodano, Professor Raffaele Spiezia.

Graduation work of Silvia Raucci was written under supervision of Professor I.M. Akopyants, Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences, and Professor E. Porciani from the University of Vanvitelli Campania. The work received high estimation from reviewers and members of State examinational committee.

The supervisors of the graduation qualification work Professors Michele Lanna, and Professor I.M. Akopyants gave a high mark to the work of Antonio Russo, and noted a high practical significance of the study, devoted to the analysis of linguistic and culturological traditions of Kabardino-Balkaria Republic of the North Caucasus and Campania in Italia. The members of the examinational committee expressed their opinion on the necessity of the study results publication, which can be of great interest for business community of Italia, and help to develop Russian and Italian contacts.

Professor Michele Lanna, member of associate professors board of postgraduate courses at Department of Historical Sciences Jan Monet of the Second University of Vanvitelli Campania, and Professor Giovanna Palermo, Head of the Criminology Chair at the Department of Historical Sciences Jan Monet at the University of Vanvitelli Campania expressed a profound satisfaction with the results of a joint work and sincere gratitude to the administration of Pyatigorsk State University: Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of the University, I.M. Akopyants, director of Institute of International Service, Tourism, and Foreign Languages. V.K. Narymov, coordinator of the Center of Italian Language and Culture, and teaching staff of the IISTFL for their big fruitful contribution into the development of academic and scientific contacts.

Within the framework of the visit, foreign guests met with Rector of Pyatigorsk State University Professor A.P. Gorbunov and V.E. Mishin, head of the Department of International Ties and Educational Programs.

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