Студенты ИМО ПГУ в списке лучших специалистов России в области связей с общественностью и медийных технологий

The results of XVII Open All-Russian Competition of student works in public relations “Chrystal Orange” were concluded in Moscow. Expert council represented by the leading Russian experts in public relations presented the second degree diploma in “Public relations, Advertisement, and Media Technologies in Education” nomination to the project called “Concept of University Radio program “IIR IS CALLING” as the mean of educational services promotion in Stavropol Krai”, made by the 3rd year students of the Institute of International Relations in Journalism E. Kucherova, A. Mikhaylov, A. Tagintseva, and M. Galstyan supervised by Assistant Professor Svetlana Gikis, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences. About 40 works were presented in this nomination and 28 of them entered the short-list fr om which the best projects were elected.

The work under this project started within the study of “Theory and Practice of Television and Broadcasting”, and then it was presented in the annual competition of innovational projects of students, master’s students, postgraduates, and young scientists “Innovational Potential of University Youth” in nomination Social and Cultural Activity and Advertisement, wh ere the committee members gave it the second degree diploma.

Chrystal Orange competition organizers are Russian Association for Public Relations, Association of Public Relation Tutors of MSIIR. Awarding ceremony will take place in Moscow in October 2017.

The management of the Institute of International Relations and Chair of Conflictology, Public Relations and Journalism express gratitude for Assistant Professor S.N. Gikis and the students for a high professionalism in PR and media communications, for a presentable representation of the university in all-Russian level and wish the further success.


Svetlana Nikolayevna