Lyubov Mikhalyova, IV year student of the IRGLIHT won Journalistenpraktikum 2017 – scholarship of Russian-German forum for the professional internship in a German newspaper Braunschweiger Zeitung.

Journalist internship for the journalist included:

-        Residence in Germany for the journalist practice and seminars from July 30 to September 17, 2017;

-        Six-week internship in German mass media;

-        Three journalist seminars in Berlin;

-        Payment of all the expenses (transport and accommodation), medical insurance, visa processing assistance, supervision from a German-Russian forum;

-        €600 scholarship.

Education in one of the Russian institutions, journalist experience, very good level of German language written as well as oral were the principal conditions for the participants.

Lyubov Mikhalyova successfully managed all the tasks, received a grant and passed the internship in Germany, enriching her experience with her personal experience and showed her professional competencies. This proves the opinion about the fact that a student may succeed in the German language, studying it as an applied language.

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