Volunteer Center team received several awards at the general meeting of Volunteer Centers Association in TASS (Moscow) on December 3, on the eve of all-Russian forum “Volunteer of Russia”.

Soon after the meeting opening deputy Minister Education and Science of Russia P.S. Zenkovich awarded Pyatigorsk State University Volunteer Center team with a letter of gratitude for the “Contribution into the development of volunteer movement” signed by Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation O.Y. Vasilieva. E.D. Kondrakova, director of VC was awarded a letter of gratitude from Federal Agency for Youth Affairs “For an excellent work and high achievements in professional activity”. The letters were handed by A.B. Bugaev, head of the agency.

This high credit is able due to a hard work of the entire PSU Volunteer Center team.

Apart from this, G.S. Mkhitarian, deputy director of VC, become a member of the Council of Volunteer Center Association as a district representative of the NCFD. The council has serious strategic tasks for the development of all volunteer directions in the regions. It is important not to bureaucratize and not to put this movement in frames and standards because volunteers are people who do their job by the voice of their heart.
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