A joint meeting of the NCFD Institutions Rectors Council members, representatives of the Republic of Crimea, experts within the conference “Timely Issues of Development of Government and Religious Educational organizations of Crimea and their interaction with other RF regions’ educational organizations” took place in Pyatigorsk State University on December 18, 2017. O.E. Belaventsev, Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in the NCFD, Hero of Russia, members of the NCFD Institutions Rectors’ Council, representatives of government and religious organizations of the Republic of Crimea and the NCFD and other regions of Russia took part in the event.

O.E. Belaventsev opened the meeting with a gratitude to the administration of Pyatigorsk State University for the site organized for the constructive dialogue on timely issues including the development of a theological education. A training of professional theologists is an efficient way to avoid expansion of pseudo-Christian sects, Islamic fundamentalism and other anti-government and anti-social unities.

- Religious organizations have a task to pay the closest attention to the questions of a patriotic education, advanced training of active religious figures and training of new human resources, - said O.E. Belaventsev. – Our spiritual safety depends on the fact who and how will teach religious and worldview oriented programs in educational establishments.

Theologist should be trained in state educational establishments of Russia. Pyatigorsk State University is one of them, the first state university with the unique major of Government-confessional relations.

- Recent years PSU has been having a fruitful collaboration with International Islamic Mission, activity of which is directed towards the implementation of social projects in religious education, spiritual and moral education of children and the youth, - said Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of PSU. – More than 100 projects and 500 events in this field have been held since 2012; many of them were backed by PSU or held on the basis of the university. The Republic of Crimea entered the organization in 2015.

After the return of Crimean Peninsula in the Russian Federation, there is a complex integration process of the youngest region into the law, political, cultural, and educational space of the country.

Representatives of Crimean institutions told about the interaction of government and religious educational organizations in the region and shared their opinion about possible forms and ways of further collaboration with Russian institutions. Professor of Crimean Federal University T.A. Senyushkina found it necessary to involve the youth of Crimea into this joint activity:

- They are ready to work, they are very responsible, they are serious but there is no real demand for them to feel necessary, in my opinion. We should think how the youth can be involved in practice, they need a real occupation, - she said.

During the meeting, there were several offers to provide advanced training for religious figures of the Republic of Crimea on the basis of PSU.

- Pyatigorsk State University plays a key role in a state scale in such directions as a counteraction to extremist ideology and terrorism, strengthening of international and interconfessional concordance, development of a system of Islamic and theological education on the whole, - said O.E. Belaventsev.

All suggestions were added to the Resolution project. The participants are sure that the strengthening of ties between the educational organizations of the North Caucasus and Crimea has good prospects and will no doubt give positive results.

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