On January 31, 2018, V.S. Toganyan, Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Armenia in Russia made an official visit to Pyatigorsk State University together with V.M. Asoyan, Consul General of the Republic of Armenia in South Federal District of Russia, and S.I. Nyuppa, representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in Mineralniye Vody.

The visit program included Center of Armenian Language and Culture, which was formed in 2008 and successfully work at the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism. Active members of the Center prepared a presentation which included a detailed activity report. The guests appreciated a contribution of the Center of Armenian Language and Culture into the strengthening of Russian-Armenian contacts and development of international ties. Today, the Center not only solves cultural and educational problems but it also is an innovational ground for the unique competencies formation, which promotes harmonic development of the students’ personality in conditions of the multicultural environment.

A briefing took place within the frameworks of the meeting. Students of Pyatigorsk State University were able to ask questions about a role of the Year of Armenia in Russia and mutual enrichment of the cultures, about the opportunities and prospects of scientific and educational collaboration development, about the work of cultural and educational centers in Armenia, where PSU students could have an internship, improving their Armenian language, getting to know more about cultural traditions of Armenia etc. All these questions were answered in details. Dignitary guests expressed their readiness to lend assistance to the Center of Armenian Language and Culture, which can serve as a good example for other institutions.

G.A. Safarov, Chairman of the Union of Russian Armenians in Stavropol Krai expressed his profound gratitude to Professor A.P. Gorbunov, Rector of Pyatigorsk State University and I.M. Akopyants, Director of Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism for support and development of the Center of the Armenian Languages and Culture, which plays an important role, ensuring the continuity of generations, preserving the traditions, culture, and language of Armenian nation, and strengthening International Contacts.

M.Y. Getmanskaya, Deputy Director of Institute of Foreign Language and International Tourism for Academic Work, N.K. Avanesyan, coordinator of the Center of Armenian Language and Culture, as well as students, thanked the dignitary guests, looking forward to a see them again in the end of March, at the 10th anniversary of the Center of Armenian Language and Culture.
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