Знакомство с Бразилией в Центре португальского языка и культуры Португалии и Бразилии ПГУ

Pyatigorsk State University gives students a possibility to get acquainted with cultures of different countries and peoples, as well as special peculiarities of different countries. A project called Diversity of Languages and Cultures, where the students may get to know a rich and diverse palette of a unique lusophone culture, occupies a special position in our university.

A cultural event, where students got to know cultural, linguistic, and historical legacy of Brazil was organized by Associate Professor T.N. Kulakova, coordinator of the Center of Portugal Language and Culture of Portugal and Brazil, together with Cadiz University lector Eduardo Mera de Oliveira on March 29, 2018.

Eduardo Mera de Oliveira told about the unique and rich culture of Brazil. The students learned about the geographic location of the country, its symbols, national festivals, cuisine, dances, sports, contemporary and ancient architecture, as well as about famous people of the past and present. A workshop, where the students could practice the Portugal language with the native speaker was the most interesting part of the event. National cuisine dishes degustation was the most pleasant surprise. At the end of the event, students read a poem called Primavera in the Portuguese language.

The students were fascinated by the atmosphere of the event, where they learned a lot of interesting things about Brazil. We will be waiting for the next time.


Tatyana Nikolayevna