21 февраля – День родного языка – отметили в ПГУ онлайн-лекцией «Русский язык в многообразии языков на планете»

On February 21, “Pushkin Institute” Center of Russian Language and Culture organized a lecture called “Russian Language among Planet Languages Diversity”, which was broadcasted online in Vkontakte social network. The lecture was devoted to the place of the Russian language in the contemporary multinational world, and peculiarities of Russian language learning in the multiethnic region of the North Caucasus.

Pyatigorsk State University is the center of languages and cultures diversity; therefore it is evident that Mother Language Day is a great event for our university, its students and lectors.

International Mother Language Day, assigned by UNESCO General Conference on November 17, 1999, is celebrated every year on February 21 in order to promote language and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

The lecture for the III year students and the online audience was read by I.B. Fedotova, Head of the Chair of Literature and Pedagogic Technologies of Philological Education, Head of Pushkin Institute, and N.A. Orlova, Assistant Professor at the same chair, deputy director of the Center of International Education. The new form of lecture was made possible by the joint work of the Department of Image and Informational Policy, Public Relations, and Organizational Issues (S.Y. Krasnov, M.A. Bondarenko), Informatization Department (V.V. Strukov, N.S. Mikhalyuk), and the Chair of Literature and Pedagogic Technologies of Philological Education (I.B. Fedotova); a proper technical support was maintained by Igor Pomelnikov and Ivan Monichev. The lecture gathered 35,000 views on the Internet.


Irina Borisovna

Nina Anatolyevna