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  • На базе ПГУ прошел семинар-совещание по вопросам реализации Стратегии государственной национальной политики РФ

На базе ПГУ прошел семинар-совещание по вопросам реализации Стратегии государственной национальной политики РФ

Alignment Meeting on the State National Policy Strategy of the Russian Federation till 2025 in the North Caucasus Federal District took place on June 22.

The meeting was held M.M. Magomedov, Deputy Head of the Administration of the Russian Federation President. I.V. Barinov, Head of the Federal Agency for Nationalities Issues, A.V. Galaktionov, Deputy Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation, V.V. Vladimirov, Governor of Stavropol Krai, members of Russian Federation President Council on international relations, executive officials of Russian President Administration, representatives of the Federal Agency on Nationalities Issues, executive bodies of RF subjects which form a part of the district.

Megomedsalam Magomedalievich Magomedov noted that the North Caucasus is the most multinational Russian macroregion. At the same time it is a risk source. “Contradictions in economic, cultural, language fields may grow into interethnic fast. In this connection harmonization of interethnic relations, strengthening of a multicultural people of the Russian Federation in the region is very important” – said Deputy Head of President Administration.

He also reported that the subjects’ administrations have a task of balanced internal migration provision which would include rehousing of high-mountain settlements to the plain, development of industrial sector without damage to peoples, who traditionally work in animal farming, negotiation of old interethnic contradictions, territorial arguments, creation of conditions for interethnic relations harmonization. Counteraction against redial ideological sects in religion and national spheres, provision of balanced language policy, support and preservation of the Caucasus native peoples’ languages as well as national minorities.

 An issue of new approaches application in human resources training, who are competent in a field of national policy, while developing corresponding professional standards was discussed during the seminar. After this, joint meeting of the Council of NCFD Institutions Rectors and round table participants took place. Representatives of a scientific community of the district, members of Interethnic Relations Council of the Russian Federation President, representatives of social organizations, national and cultural communities discussed the offers on unity strengthening of multinational people of the Russian Federation.
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