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  • «День русского языка и культуры – 2019» в Центре русского языка и культуры «Институт Пушкина» Института Пиаже г. Визеу (Португалия)

«День русского языка и культуры – 2019» в Центре русского языка и культуры «Институт Пушкина» Института Пиаже г. Визеу (Португалия)


On May 25, “Pushkin Institute” Center of Russian Language and Culture at Piaget Institute, Viseu, Portugal, organized the Day of the Russian Language and Culture – 2019, devoted to the 220th anniversary of A.S. Pushkin’s birth. This celebration is held for the second time and has already become a tradition. It is also backed by Viseu Municipality.

During the 2018/2019 academic year, 79 students of six primary schools were studying Russian within “VISEU EDUCA” additional education project. It is worth noting that the number of students, who were interested in Russian, has increased compared with the previous year. The main purpose of this work was to get the school students interested in a new culture and Russian language study over the longer term. The classes included different contemporary interactive educational technologies with games, songs, cartoons, round-tables, and others. All these harmonically included edutainment into the educational process, necessary and irreplaceable for the students aged 6-10 years.

In order to show their educational success, school students were offered to make a creative project in Russian and to present it at the celebration. The children were enthusiastic about the idea and with the help of their Russian teacher Diana Merinova, II year master’s student (Pedagogic education, master’s program “Linguistic and pedagogic models of Russian language teaching”), they prepared a sketch called “Teremok”, songs such as “V trave sidel kuznechik” (Grasshopper sat in the grass), “Lyubim frukty i ovoschi” (We love fruits and fegetables), “Vremena goda” (Seasons), A.S. Pushkin’s poem “Nanny”, and “Zima! Krestyanin torzhestvuya..” (Winter! The peasant breathes a sigh…) from “Eugene Onegin” novel. They also did the voice-over to the film about Russia and translated it to Portuguese.

Apart from Viseu school students’ performances, a live stream with 6-grade students from Pyatigorsk School no. 30 took place that day. Together with their teachers K.I. Merinova and N.I. Bylinkina the children gave a tour to A.S. Pushkin monument, sang “Ya pomnyu chudnoe mgnovenye” (I remember that wonderful moment) accompanied by the guitar and talked in Russian with Portuguese students.

Another part of the event included acquaintance with Russian composers. Musicians of Piaget Institute and guests from Brazil played pieces of P.I. Tchaikovsky, I.E. Khandoshkin, I.F. Stravinsky, N.A. Rimski-Korsakov, S.V. Rachmaninov, A.F. Goedicke as well as contemporary composers’ takes on Russian style. Diana Merinova performed a Russian folk dance receiving big applause from the audience. Pyatigorsk State University presented the Russian traditional costume to the Center of Russian Language and Culture in Viseu right before the celebration day.

The event culminated in the traditional Russian tea ceremony with pancakes, spice cakes, pies, and jam. The event was held on a high level owing to the staff of Piaget Institute. All the guests were impressed and left with positive emotions.

We should note a big contribution of Tereza Panteleychuk, Prorector of Piaget Institute, who organized the event, into the popularization of the Russian language in Portugal and development of the Center of Russian Language and Culture.