Гребенюк Александр Викторович

Grebenyuk Aleksandr Viktorovich

Work experience: 48 years
Teaching experience: 25 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 25 years
Aleksandr Viktorovich Grebenyuk, Senior Lecturer at the Chair of Tourism and Hospitality, head of Maximum sports and mountaineering club at PSU.

From March 2006 till June 2018 he worked as an associate professor at the Chair of Tourism, Service, and Design at the Institute of Service and Technologies in Pyatigorsk. For the time of his professional activity, A.V. Grebenyuk worked out and prepared 26 work programs on disciplines connected with tourism and sports activity. For 10 years he has been taking part in the state examination and attestation committees at PSLU, SRSUES, DSTU, SGU, NCFU. He takes additional training courses on a regular basis, including those within the project of the Federal Agency on Tourism “National System of Training and Additional Training of Tourism Experts”.


In 1991, he graduated from the German Department of Pyatigorsk State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, majoring in Teacher of German Language.
In 2012, he graduated from SRSUES, majoring in Social and Cultural Service and Tourism.

Scientific Activity:

A.V. Grebenyuk is an author of a monograph, issued in 2008 under the title of “Extreme Tourism: Trends and Development Perspectives”, and an academic aid of “Innovations in the Social and Cultural Service and Tourism”. He has more than 40 works published in the collected papers of international congresses and scientific and practical conferences. He is regularly invited as an expert on the issues of mountain sports and tourism development in the region.

Personal Achievements and Tourism Work Experience:

He has made more than 200 ascents in five continents of the planet during his 30-year career. The number includes Elbrus, Kazbek, Ushba, Mont Blanc, Brocken, Fujiyama, Lamnitski peak, Kekesh, Ararat, Kilimanjaro, Orizaba, Ojos del Salado, Demavend, Aragats. In 1990, he was elected an Active Member of the Geographic Society of the Academy of Sciences of USSR.

From 2004 he has been a director of a scientific and sports mountain school of the Caucasian Mountain Society and an executive director of the Federation of Mountaineering of CMW region. In 2007, he was elected an honorable member of the Caucasian Mountain Society for his big role in the work of scientific and sports mountain school of CMS, creation of certain conditions for sports and patriotic education of the youth, and development of mountaineering in the North Caucasus and Russia.
In May 2009, he was appointed at the position of the head of the Regional Public Rescue Brigade at Kislovodsk Serch-and-Rescue Department of Emergency Committee. In 2009, together with the head of the Chair of Physical Education and Sport of PSU, he worked out a concept and then headed the international project called “PSLU Flag on the Most Famous Tops of the Planet”. The project included summiting Elbrus, Kazbek (from a Georgian side route), Fujiyama (Japan), Ararat (Turkey), Mont Blanc (France), Kilimanjaro (Tanzania), Orizaba (Mexico), Demavend (Iran), Aragats (Armenia), San Francisco (Argentina), and the highest volcano of the world Ojos Del Salado (Chile), on top of which the flags of the university, Stavropol Krai, Kabardino-Balkaria, and Karachay-Cherkessia were raised.

In 2010, he began the work on the organization of the regional scientific and sports center. In April 2011, after the state registration, he headed the work of a Regional Scientific and Sports Center of NCFD - Autonomous Non-commercial Organization, which focused on the assistance to the comprehensive development of Russian citizens in scientific, sports, tourism, civil and patriotic fields. For the past years, within the frameworks of the mountaineering club work at the Chair of Physical Education and Sports, he organized and made more than 100 mountain expeditions, competitions of different levels in climbing and ice climbing. Paying much attention to the development of climbing in the region, he took part in the working out of projects and construction of 10 climbing gyms, including the highest and the single in the North Caucasus standardized climbing wall for speed climbing built in the PSU campus. Being the I degree referee he regularly organizes seminars for climbing and mountaineering judges. He is one of the founders of the Federation of Climbing and Mountaineering in the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic. Students of A.V. Grebenyuk several times were winners of climbing championships and cups of Stavropol Krai, made mountaineering ascents in all the continents of the planet, including Everest.

He pays a lot of attention to the promotion of the chair, university, tourism resources in the Russian and international informational space.