Багиян Александр Юрьевич

Bagiyan Aleksandr Yuryevich

Work experience: 10 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 10 years

Aleksandr Yurievich Bagiyan

A.Y. Bagiyan graduated from the Institute of International Service, Tourism, and Foreign Languages in 2011 at Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University.

He has been working at the chair since 2018.

Area of expertise:
  • Conceptual language engineering of professional identity;
  • Contemporary institutional discourse studies;
  • Complex lingua-cognitive modelling of professional and popular-science discourses;
  • Social-cognitive and pragma-axiological aspects of scientific and technical complex achievement popularization;
  • Cognitive studies in general and specific terminology;
  • Contemporary methods and innovative technologies of profession-oriented foreign languages teaching;
  • Psycho-pedagogical particularities of the educational process and foreign languages teaching intensification.
Professional (personal) achievements:
  • An experienced expert, who skillfully combines profound English language knowledge and progressive methods of competent approach towards foreign languages teaching with the organization of academic work and research process with university students, directing his activity on the contemporary requirements, approaches, and standards;
  • Academic director of the North Caucasus Exam Center (Cambridge ESOL Examinations);
  • He is fluent in 6 foreign languages, having the official diplomas and certificates (English, Spanish, French, Italian, Armenian, Turkish);
  • One of the initiators and active developers of scientific and educational research area “Conceptual Language Engineering of Professional Identity”, an author of more than 60 scientific and methodic works (including works listed in Web of Science, Scopus, ERIHPlus, HAC);
  • Supervisor of the project called “Conceptual Language Planning of Professional Identity in Innovative Economy: Lingua-cognitive, social-lexicographic and pragma-axiological modelling of Russian and Western European popular-science discourse” under a grant of the Russian Federation President (no. MK-6895.2018.6; supervisor – A.Y. Bagiyan), and executor of five more fundamental scientific studies;
  • A Certificate of Appreciation (April 14); issued by Pyatigorsk State University in 2017 for the professional competency, creative initiative, and high achievements in the organization, modernization, and establishing of inter-university interaction in the field of students, masters, and postgraduates’ scientific research as well as implementation of a fruitful activity of a Student Scientific Community and Association of Young Scientists of PSU;
  • Certificate of Appreciation (October 6); issued by Pyatigorsk State University in 2017 for the coach work at “Mashuk” North Caucasus Youth Forum, and a contribution into to the intellectual potential of the region’s youth;
  • Appreciation Note (July 30); issued by the Ministry of Diaspora in collaboration with Yerevan State University (Republic of Armenia) in 2016 for being active and productive in the framework of "DIASPORA" summer school;
  • Certificate of Appreciation; issued by Pyatigorsk State University in 2016 for being the Best Lector at the Institute of International Service, Tourism, and Foreign Languages (Peddebut-2016);
  • Diploma of Russian Science Day Awardee; issued by Scientific and Methodic Expert Board - Scientific and Innovative Center (Krasnoyarsk, Russia, Order no.1/d-n dated 02/05/2018) in 2018 for a big personal contribution into the development of the Russian science and a fruitful work for the benefit of Russian education, successes in organization and improvement of scientific activity and academic process, significant work on the younger generation involvement into the research activity;
  • Certificate of Appreciation (June 8); issued by Pyatigorsk State University in 2019 for the contribution into the Development of University Science, and for 30th anniversary.
Additional training:
  • Cambridge English Level 3 Certificate in ESOL International (Advanced); issued by Cambridge English Language Assessment (Part of the University of Cambridge) in 2016 for the Grade A in the Certificate in Advanced English. Performance at Grade A demonstrates an ability at Level 3 and Council of Europe Level C2;
  • Professional Retraining Diploma; issued by Pyatigorsk State University (Pyatigorsk, Russia, no. 262402973475 on 07/08/2016. The diploma allows implementation of a professional activity in organization management;
  • Professional Retraining Diploma; issued by Pyatigorsk State University (Pyatigorsk, Russia, no. 262405651235 on 03/15/2018. The diploma allows implementation of a professional activity in informational technologies;
  • Cambridge English Level 5 Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA); issued by Cambridge University, UK (Cambridge Assessment, Center Number CZ003, Certificate Number ccpf658771) in 2018 for the Successful completion of the course (Pass with merit);
  • Certificate of Completion (The J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board and The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the United States Department of State) in recognition of successful completion of the Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Program (2018-2019).