Воронкина Любовь Борисовна

Voronkina Lyubov Borisovna

Lyubov Borisovna Voronkina graduated from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University with honors, majoring in Teacher of English Language, Practicing Psychologist, Candidate of Psychological Sciences in 19.00.07 Pedagogical Psychology (2006). She has been working at PSU since 2001.

L.B. Voronkina is an author of more than 40 publications. In 2017, she took courses in the International School of First Aid, which included a program for lecturers and masters of industrial training, who provide professional training on First Aid. She implements this specialty training for the lecturers of higher schools.

She is a practicing counseling psychologist of the Psychological Service of PSU, member of the Federation of Higher Education Psychologists of Russia.

L.B. Voronkina was awarded a certificate of honor from the Ministry of Education of Stavropol Krai for the long-term responsible work in the educational system of Stavropol Krai and for the 80th anniversary of PSU (2019), Letter of Gratitude from Russian-Armenian University for the seminar on “First Psychological Aid” (2020), Gratitude from the Ministry of Youth Affairs of The Republic of Daghestan as an expert of the seminar on prevention of terrorism ideology among the young people (2020).