Доронина Наталия Викторовна

Doronina Nataliya Viktorovna

Work experience: 13 years
Teaching experience: 13 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 13 years

Natalia Viktorovna Doronina, Candidate of Historic Sciences with general scientific and pedagogic experience of 11 years.

She graduated from Stavropol State University majoring in History, as a master of History in 2001. On October 28, 2005 she defended her candidate thesis on Nazi Propaganda on Occupied Territories of Stavropol and Kuban Regions in 1942-1943: Objectives, Peculiarities, Collapse in a dissertation board of Stavropol State University.

N.V. Doronina began her labor activity in PSU on September  1, 2008, at the Chair of Philosophy, Culturology, and Ethnology as an assistant. On September 1, 2009 she started working as a senior lector, since September 1, 2011 she has been an assistant professor. At present she works at the Chair of Historic and Social-Philosophic Disciplines, Oriental Studies, and Theology.

Today N.V. Doronina gives the following classes: Culturology, Culture of the North Caucasus Peoples.

Area of expertise: problems of history and culture of the North Caucasus peoples, battle for the Caucasus during Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.

N.V. Doronina published more than 20 works, including monographs, and articles in scientific and academic editions, indexed by HAC.

Assistant Professor Doronina has an author certificate of state registration of a database no. 2017620035 dated 01/11/2017. Dictionary of terms for a course “Culture of the North Caucasus Peoples” (academic aid) for students.

N.V. Doronina supervises a scientific and research work of students resulting to the participation of university scientific and practical conferences and publication of the principal results of the studies.

Assistant Professor N.V. Doronina leads an additional educational program called “Culture as Means of Interethnic Peace and Interreligious Mind Strengthening”.

N.V. Doronina annually implements an educational and professionally oriented student project Culture and Time, included in the electronic system of PSU projects. The events include organization of roundtables on culturological and historic topics, quizzes, festivals, and patriotic actions; thematic tours by the CMW towns, exhibitions visiting in the regional museums.