Журавлева Татьяна Павловна

Zhuravleva Tatyana Pavlovna

Work experience: 13 years
Teaching experience: 13 years

Senior lector T.P. Zhuravleva has been working at the Chair of German studies since 2008.

In 2017, T.P. Zhuravleva successfully defended her Candidate of Philological Sciences thesis in “Representation of State of Loneliness in the Works of German Writers of XVIII-XX Centuries and Forms of its Conceptualization” (supervised by Professor M.E. Morozova).

She is a high-qualified expert and gives high methodic level classes using the newest academic and methodic working outs in her work.

T.P. Zhuravleva takes an active part in the projects implemented together with MIALE, Center of Pre-University Education, Profession-oriented and Adaptation Technologies (Smart Vacations projects).

She supervises projects of the Scientific Laboratory of the chair, has 13 publications in regional, international journals, PSU collected papers and HAC journals.