Лебеденко Галина Александровна

Lebedenko Galina Aleksandrovna

Work experience: 8 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 7 years

G.A. Lebedenko has been working at the Chair of German Studies and International Communication since 2013. She uses the newest academic and methodic working-outs in her work. She is a member of the Russian Union of German Scholars. Area of her interests includes pragmalinguistics and discourse research of the language.

In 2018 she defended her candidate of philological sciences dissertation on “The Appeal in German Primary School Children’s Communication: pragmalinguistic aspect.” (supervised by Professor G.G. Matveeva).

G.A. Lebedenko is an author of more than 15 works, published in local, regional, federal, and international journals (including Web of Science, ERIHPlus, HAC).

G.A. Lebedenko actively participates in the implementation of the Corporative Education project, gives training seminars for students for temporary work on the cruise ships. 

She takes an active part in projects implemented by the International Union of German Culture, German Youth Association, German Service of Academic Exchanges and receives DAAD scholarship.

In 2015 she took a research internship at Free University of Berlin, Germany following the grant of the German Service of Academic Exchanges (DAAD) in programs of the research scholarships for postgraduates and young scientists. In 2019 she became a finalist of a regional stage of International Scientific Forum – Falling Walls Lab 2019.

G.A. Lebedenko is a member jury for a regional stage of All-Russian Olympiad of School Students on German and Eurasian Olympiad of School Students on German.