Терентьева Екатерина Александровна

Terentyeva Ekaterina Aleksandrovna

Work experience: 15 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 15 years

E.A. Terentyeva has been working at the Chair since 2006. She graduated from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University in 2008 with honors, majoring in Psychology, with a qualification of Psychologist. Lecturer of Psychology. The same year she entered postgraduate studies in Pedagogic Psychology and began working as a lecturer. Since 2017, she has been working in the Resource Center of Inclusive Education at PSU.

E.A. Terentyeva took professional retraining in body-oriented therapy (Saint Petersburg, 2014), informational technologies (Pyatigorsk, 2018), social work management (Pyatigorsk, 2019), and in a program of “Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA-therapy): correction of behavioral disorders, training, abilitation, and development of children and teenagers with disabilities” (2020).

The area of E.A. Terentyeva’s expertise includes the study of the professional image of a student, imageology, socionics, methods of psychology teaching, psychology of leadership, body-oriented psychotherapy.

She was awarded a certificate of honor for the responsible work for the benefit of the university and for the 75th anniversary of Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University (2014) and III Degree Medal “For the Flawless Service to the University” (2019).