Ковалева Ольга Анатольевна

Kovalyova Olga Anatolievna

Work experience: 32 years
Teaching experience: 11 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 0 years

Olga Anatolievna Kovalyova, Director of the Higher School of Design and Architecture at PSU.

She has pedagogic, economic, and management education. 

O.A. Kovalyova began her career as a middle school teacher. After that, she was a lecturer of economic disciplines in Pyatigorsk higher schools. 

She worked as a Head of Economic Planning Service of Federal Grid Company of Unified Energy System and in bank structures. She also worked as Director of Pyatigorsk Art and Industrial College (branch), and Director of Southern Federal University branch in Zheleznovodsk. 

She is a member of the Union of Russian Designers. O. Kovalyova is awarded certificates from the Union of Russian Designers, Creative Union of Russian Artists, and the Russian Academy of Arts for her merits in art education and organization of international competitions and festivals.

In October 2014 Olga Kovalyova was appointed as a chairwoman of an art-expert council of Stavropol Krai on arts and crafts.

Since 2017, she has been a director of the Higher School of Design and Architecture. She is actively involved in exhibitions, social and scientific activities. Olga Kovalyova is an organizer of scientific and practical conferences, devoted to the problems of contemporary art.

She publishes her works in Russian and foreign journals.