Гладских Александр Иванович

Gladskikh Aleksandr Ivanovich

Work experience: 41 years
Teaching experience: 23 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 23 years
Aleksandr Ivanovich Gladskikh, leading expert in batik technique. In 1981, he graduated from Kalinin Moscow Art and Industrial College, majoring in Artistic Carpet Making. In 1989, he graduated from Kuban State University.

He is a member of the Creative Union of Russian Artists, Union of Russian Designers, executive-board member of Kavminvody Union of Designers.

The sphere of A.I. Gladskikh’s creative activity includes textiles art.

From 1998 to 2016 he gave classes at the Branch of South Federal University in Zheleznovodsk as an associate professor.

From 2001, head of the Chair of Decorative and Applied Arts.

In 2011, he was appointed at the position of Deputy Director of the branch on Academic Work. Aleksandr Gladskikh is an organizer of a number of student exhibitions in the CMW region.

From 2017 till present he has been the Head of the Chair of Design, Architecture, Applied and Decorative Arts.

He is actively concerned with scientific and pedagogic activity, takes part in scientific and practical conferences, regional, Krai, district, and Russian exhibitions, recipient of a diploma from the Union of Russian Designers, he is awarded the Leonardo medal.