Дмитриенко Богдан Чингизович

Dmitrienko Bogdan Chingizovich

Work experience: 16 years
Teaching experience: 8 years
Bogdan Chingizovich Dmitrienko graduated from Pyatigorsk Branch of V.M. Vasnetsov Abramtsevo Arts and Crafts College (Department of Art Painting) in 1999. In the same year, he graduated from the Institute of Additional Educational Programs at PSLU, Culturology. In 2011 he graduated from Pyatigorsk State University. Member of the Union of Russian Designers.

From 1999 to 2006 he gave classes at Pyatigorsk Branch of V.M. Vasnetsov Abramtsevo Arts and Crafts College.

From 2000 to 2002 he worked as a craftsman at ceramic enterprise Temp, he was a chairman of the artistic and expert union of the enterprise.

From 2002 to 2014 B.C. Dmitrienko took part in the formation and was a chief designer of the ARTK-Metaldisign – Artist Smithery. B. Dmitrienko is an author of hundreds of projects on forged sets for the city environment, architectural complexes and interiors in Moscow, Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk, Essentuki, Pyatigorsk, Mineralnye Vody, Stavropol, Krasnodar, Grozny, Sochi, Nalchik, Armavir, Cherkessk, Makhachkala, Derbent and other Russian cities.

Bogdan Dmitrienko’s area of creative activity includes author graphics, painting, icon-painting, metal design.

He combines teaching activity with professional design practice. He participates in creative exhibitions at different levels, including the all-Russian Festival of Russian Design. 

The works of Bogdan Dmitrienko can be found in private collections in Russia and abroad.