Зубцова Юлия Олеговна

Zubtsova Yulia Olegovna

Work experience: 5 years
Teaching experience: 3 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 1 years
Yulia Olegovna Zubtsova, lecturer at the Chair of Linguistics, Russian Philology, Literature and Journalism since 2019.

She graduated from the Department of Literature Art at the Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism in 2017, and now she continues studying in a postgraduate program on Russian Literature. She is a member of the Russian Union of Writers, author of more than 25 scientific articles (including RSCI), member of the Russian Association of Russian Language and Literature Teachers.

She is a compiling editor of the creative workshop “Board of the Ark”. She is an active member of the chair clubs “Board of the Ark” and “New Parnassus”. The area of Y.O. Zubtsova’s expertise includes studies of the Caucasus text of contemporary Russian literature, methods of Russian language teaching for SVE students.