Дьяконова Валентина Ивановна

Work experience: 49 years
Teaching experience: 15 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 1 years
Valentina Ivanovna Dyakonova, lecturer of professional disciplines for the secondary vocational education students: Cartography and Geodesy Assistance for Property and Land Relations, Cadastral Relations, Real Estate Valuation for 21.02.05 Property and Land Relations.

She graduated from school no. 1 in Essentukskaya with a silver medal in 1968 and entered Kirov Mining College in the same year, acquiring a profession of a soil technician. After graduation, she was sent to the South Kirghiz geological expedition in Osh under the career assignment program, where she was working till 2002 (for 31 years) in positions of geologist, mineralogist.

In 1973 she entered the Geology Department of Lvov State University at a distance and graduated from it in 1980.

From 1995 to 2002 she was working as a teacher of mineralogy and mineragraphy at the Technological University of Osh at the Chair of Geology, Extractable Resources Exploration.

From 2002 to 2014 V.I. Dyakonova was working as a teacher of chemistry and geography at CMW schools.

From 2014 to 2019 she was working at Pyatigorsk College of Trade Technologies and Service as a teacher of professional disciplines: geodesy with fundamentals of cartography and cartography drafting, as well as general education disciplines (geography).  

During her pedagogic career at college, she trained the participants of the Regional Competition of Young Professionals in Geodesy, who repeatedly occupied prize positions.
Supervised by V.I. Dyakonova, college students took part in competitions and Olympiads at all-Russia level, winning prizes.

V.I. Dyakonova was repeatedly awarded certificates and diplomas of different levels for her high professionalism in students teaching.

She published her creative competition work on “Beshtau Mountain: Remarkable Creation of Nature” in the nomination of “Development of the Tour”.

She takes part in all-Russia professional online competitions, conferences on disciplines related to her professional activity.

V.I. Dyakonova actively collaborates with organizations and enterprises, which are engaged in cadastral activity in the Caucasus Mineral Waters region to give professional training to the students of a corresponding specialty, she also organizes a scientific and research work of students. Every year she and her students take part in all-Russian competitions on geodesy, geography, and ecology.

The area of V.I. Dyakonova’s expertise includes:
- Geodesy and cadasters;
- Ecology and tourism;
- Geography.

She is a member of the Russian Geographical Society.

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