Линец Сергей Иванович

Linets Sergey Ivanovich

Sergey Ivanoviсh Linets, Candidate of Historic Sciences, Professor with total scientific and pedagogic experience of 40 years.

He graduated from Rostov State University majoring in History. He has been working at Pyatigorsk State University since September 1, 1991. Since July 9, 2014, S.I. Linets has been working as a professor at the chair of Historic and Social-Philosophic Disciplines, Oriental Studies. At present S.I. Linets gives the following classes: History of Russia, War History of Russia in XX Century, Archeology, Subsidiary Historical Disciplines, History of Primitive Society at Higher School of Management and Institute of Foreign Languages and International Tourism.

In December 1988, he defended his candidate of historic science dissertation on Party Organizations at the Head of National Movement on Help Rendering to Sick Soldiers during the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945 (based on materials of Rostov Oblast, Krasnodar Krai, and Stavropol Krai) at dissertation board of Rostov State University.

In November 2003, he defended his doctor of historic science dissertation on The North Caucasus in the Wake of and During Nazi Occupation: statues and development peculiarities (July 1942 – October 1943) at the dissertation board of Pyatigorsk State Technological University.

S.I. Linets published more than 200 works, including 17 monographs written by him as an author and as a co-author.

Area of expertise: World War II, Great Patriotic War, Battle of the Caucasus in 1942-1943, collaborationism during the Great Patriotic War, history of Cossacks of the Russian South, Civil War in Russia 1917-1922.

He supervises works of postgraduates on 07.00.02 Russian History. He is a permanent participant of international, Russian, and regional scientific and practical conferences.

Professor S.I. Linets is a resident expert of Rivers of Time student club, headed by Associate Professor K.V. Kasparyan. He also is a member of the jury at the competition of student educational and career guidance projects within the Innovation Potential of University Youth contest.

Professor S.I. Linets is an author of innovational electronic academic aid on History of Russian Orthodox Church, part I, which gained a certificate of state registration of computer programs no.2018621293. Together with Associate Professor A.S. Linets, he is an author of an innovative electronic textbook on Partisan Movement in Stavropol Krai During  Nazi Occupation (August 1942 – January 1943) with state registration certificate no. 2019620237.

In a period of 2014-2018 S.I. Linets supervised 20 graduation works of students, majoring in History. The works were represented as a project with commercialization and further registration as an object of intellectual property based on license agreements. 

Since 2018 Professor S.I. Linets (together with Professor Y.Y. Klychnikov and Professor S.S. Lazaryan) have been participating in the Poles in the North Caucasus in the XIX-XX Centuries project at the Institute of Eastern Slavs at University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn, Poland.