Акопян Виктор Завенович

Akopyan Viktor Zavenovich

Work experience: 43 years
Teaching experience: 42 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 35 years

Viktor Zavenovich Akopyan, Candidate of Historic Sciences (1991), Assistant Professor at the Chair of Historic and Social-Philosophic Disciplines, Oriental Studies and Theology at Pyatigorsk State University. General labor experience – 41 years, including scientific and pedagogic experience of 40 years. He graduated from Rostov State University majoring in History. He has been working in Pyatigorsk State University since September 1, 2008 as an associate professor. At present V.Z. Akopyan gives the following classes: History (History of Russia, General History), Medieval History, History of Europe and America, Contemporary History of Caucasus Peoples and Countries at Higher School of Management.

On December 13, 1991, he defended his candidate thesis at Rostov State University on Development of Nationhood and Culture of National Minorities of the North Caucasus in 1920-1927. Up to 2008 was working as an associate professor at the Chair of Philosophy and History at Rostov State University of Railway Engineering. V.Z. Akopyan has more than 300 publications including 16 monographies, 12 academic aids, numerous scientific articles in Russian and foreign journals, including HAC and Scopus journals.

Area of expertise: history and culture of dispersed ethnic groups of the South of Russia, national and geographic construction in the Caucasus, etc.

V.Z. Akopyan is an expert of River of Time – student club; he takes part in PSU national centers work. In 2016-2018 he took part in two projects, backed by the Russian Fund of Fundamental Studies.

He is a senior research scientist of the North Caucasus in Historic and Civilized Space of Russia - scientific and education center. He actively participates in numerous international, Russian, and regional scientific conferences. He takes part in international cooperation in a system of higher education, gives lectures on Russian history and Caucasian Studies in foreign universities. Together with University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn (Poland) he takes part in realization of a project called The Poles in the North Caucasus. Within the frameworks of Erasmus joint project of PSU and Juraj Dobrila University of Pula (Croatia) in June 2019 he took part in an international scientific and practical conference.

He is a supervisor of annual student publications in Young Science materials of the scientific and practical conference of students, postgraduates, and young scientists. V.Z. Akopyan supervises students’ graduation works on History, Theology, year works, projects with commercialization and further registration as an object of intellectual property based on the licensed agreements.

V.Z.Akopyan is engaged in an active educational work with students on patriotism and responsibility, as well as on the preparation for further profession.