Аксельруд Дина Ароновна

Akselrud Dina Aronovna

Work experience: 57 years
Teaching experience: 56 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 51 years
Dina Aronovna Akselrud, Professor at the Chair of Experimental Linguistics and Intercultural Communication, Candidate of Philological Sciences.

From 1988 to 2017 she headed the Chair of English Philology.

From 1999 to 2014 she was a Dean of the Department of English and German Languages, Director of Institute of Linguistics, Communicative Management, and Informational Technologies.

From 2017 till present she has been working as a professor at the Chair of Experimental Linguistics and Intercultural Communication.

D.A. Akselrud is a supervisor of the Theoretic and Applied Linguistics educational program.

The area of her expertise includes a study for cognitive and semantic parameters of sentence and text, as well as stylistics of the English language. She is an author of 57 works (including 1 monograph, 5 academic aids, 3 HAC articles, 1 WOS article, and 37 RSCI articles).

D.A. Akselrud has an intellectual property patent on electronic academic aid on grammar (co-author).

She supervised 11 successfully defended candidate theses.