Корниенко Алла Алексеевна

Korniyenko Alla Alekseyevna

Phone: 400-127
Work experience: 53 years
Teaching experience: 49 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 45 years

Alla Alekseevna Kornienko
is Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor, member of two dissertation committees (PSU and MSU). She has a big work experience abroad: the Russian language teacher in French lycees, French literature teacher at the Philological Department of Limoges University and French Semiolinguistics in Postgraduate studies of the same university. She manages postgraduate studies including "co-supervision" program with Limoges University. Two postgraduate students of PSU N. Molchanova and I. Merkulova defended their dissertations under her supervision and became candidates of sciences in Russia and Ph.Ds in France, where they work. A.A. Kornienko directs the Double Diploma program (bachelor's and master's diplomas of PSU - Licence and Master of Limoges University). She supervises graduation works of bachelor's students and master's dissertations.

She has honorable distinctions and certificates for her successful professional activity.

The principal area of expertise: text theory, an expert in a text theory and contemporary French short stories. Author of more than 90 works, published in Russia and abroad which include four monographs: Contemporary French Short Story in the Search for New Forms; Structure of the French Novella Text: Verb Tense and Segment Syntactic (co-authorship); Text and Discourse: Coding and Decoding (co-authorship); textbook on text interpretation for master's programs - Text Interpretations (Flinta-Moscow), practicum in intercultural communication Qu’en pensez-vous? What Do You Think About It? (Flinta-Moscow, in co-authorship); and Quoi de neuf? (Limoges, France) for the Russian Language teaching in French universities (in co-authorship); Introduction to the Text Analysis. French Novella - textbook for 4-year students.