Воробьев Геннадий Александрович

Vorobyev Gennadiy Aleksandrovich

Gennadiy Aleksandrovich Vorobyev has been working at Pyatigorsk State University since 1999. He is the head of the Chair of Information and Communication Technologies, Mathematics and Informational Safety as well as Institute of Distant Education and Development of Informational and Communication Technologies. G.A. Vorobyev heads the University Department of Informational Technologies, supervises educational programs in the field of informational safety, he is a member of the Federal Educational and Methodical association for the group of majors 10.00.00 Informational Safety, with a certificate of which he is awarded for a big contribution into the organization of training of experts in informational safety. G.A. Vorobyev published more than 100 scientific works in Russian and foreign journals, more than 20 articles in journals recommended by HAC, more than 10 articles indexed in Scopus and Web of Science databases.

G.A. Vorobyev is an author and co-author of academic and methodic aids, supervises the postgraduate studies.

Gennadiy Vorobyev actively participates in regional, Russian, and international conferences in Russia and abroad. He is an organizer and co-organizer of Russian and international conferences on informational technologies, electronic education, informational safety; he actively and systematically introduces innovative methods and technologies into his professional practice.

G.A. Vorobyev takes part in social life, connected with his professional field: he is the counsellor on higher education issues at Russian Agency of Informational Community Development, chairman of the “Electronic Future” International Festival organizing committee in the North Caucasus Federal District, co-chairman of the organizing committee of the Russian Youth Volunteer Movement “Timurovtsy of Informational Society” in NCFD, which develops informational culture of informational safety for children, youth, and senior generation citizens, and it is one of the leaders among the developers of humanitarian aspects of informational safety in Russia.