Швалева Нина Михайловна

Shvaleva Nina Mikhailovna

Nina Mikhailovna Shvaleva graduated from Kemerovo State Pedagogical Institute, majoring in Russian Language and Literature, with a qualification and a rank of teacher of Russian language and literature in the middle school (1969).

After the termination of postgraduate studies in 1978 she received a scientific degree of candidate of psychological sciences, in 1990 she got a scientific rank of associate professor.

N.M. Shvaleva took professional retraining in Psychology (professional, practice, pedagogical, management activity in psychology) (Pyatigorsk, 2015) and informational technologies (Pyatigorsk, 2018).

She heads the scientific and research laboratory of “System Psychological Counselling and Psychological Techniques of Personality Development” and “Development Resource” – regional discussion psychological club.

N.M. Shvaliova is awarded a certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation and a lapel pin as an Honorary Worker of the Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

She took professional retraining in General and Practical Psychology with a qualification of Psychologist, Teacher of Psychology. Diploma of professional retraining no. 262401995663, Pyatigorsk, 2015.

Professional retraining in Utilization of Informational and Communicational Technologies while Implementing the Educational Programs of SVE and HE and their Adaptation for the People with Disabilities. Diploma of professional retraining 262405651233, March 15, 2018, Pyatigorsk.

Advanced Training:

1. Advanced training in the System of Human Resources Audit, Obligatory Professional Attestation, and Certification of Forensic Experts “Reviewer of Processual Matters”.
2. Qualification certificate, registered in ROSA, no.202012.0820, dated December 1, 2020, Pyatigorsk. Certificate for the right of independent implementation of forensic examinations and access for expert work 26 ISEU no.20.08, December 1, 2020.

Nina Shvaleva supervises two scientific focus areas:

Integrative Counseling: environmental, developing, pre-abilitational approach (GRNTI 15.31.00) at the chair
Subject Approach in Psychology (GRNTI 15.31.00), at the laboratory.

For 28 years Nina Shvaleva has been scientifically supervising an experimental platform of Lyceum no.15 in Pyatigorsk, following the signed agreement with PSU.

N.M. Shvaleva is a member of the editorial board of the Social Psychology and Society journal of Moscow State Psychological and Pedagogic University. Scientific journal on social psychology. HAC 19.00.05 Social Psychology, 19.00.12 Political Psychology. Databases: RSCI, HAC, Web of Science.

Area of expertise:

humanitarian technologies of support and development of mental health and safety of a person;
social and psychological problems of applied and law psychology;
psychological assistance in education, social and law enforcement fields.