Морозова Маргарита Евгеньевна

Morozova Margarita Yevgenyevna

Work experience: 35 years
Teaching experience: 35 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 32 years
Professor Margarita Evgenievna Morozova has been working at the Chair of German Studies and Intercultural Communication since 1991. She studies problems of social pragmalinguistics. 4 candidate dissertations were defended under her supervision. She published more than 50 works including foreign publications. She supervises practice-oriented projects (Dialogue of Educational Conceptions, Seminars on Timely Semantics). Professor M.E. Morozova had additional training in Goethe Institute in Gottingen, Germany, in Technical University of Berlin (Fach- und Beruffssprache), Germany. M.E. Morozova takes part in the projects, organized by the German Service of Academic Exchanges, coordinates the scientific work of students and masters.

She is awarded the medal for Valorous Labor.