Зверева Римма Геннадьевна

Zvereva Rimma Gennadievna

Work experience: 15 years
Teaching experience: 1 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 14 years
Rimma Gennadievna Zvereva graduated from the Pedagogical Department of N.G. Chernyshevsky Zabaikalsky State Pedagogic University with a qualification of pedagogue psychologies for work with pre-school children with disabilities, majoring in Correctional Pedagogics and Specialized Psychology.

In December 2008, she took a brief course at Moscow Humanitarian and Economic Institute on the program of Teacher of Higher School (72 hours). On March 3, 2010, she defended her candidate thesis on “Psychological Determinants of the Development of Success Achievement Motivation of Students” in 19.00.07 Pedagogic Psychology, after that she got a degree of a candidate of psychological sciences.

R.G. Zvereva has been working at PSU since 2009.

She took professional retraining in the program of Applied Analysis of Behavior (ABA therapy): Correction of Behavioral Disorders, Training, Abilitation, and Development of Children and Teenagers with Disabilities (2020).

The area of R.G. Zvereva’s interests includes the studies of psychological determinants of success achievement motivation development, personal psychology, age psychology, peculiarities of counseling and diagnostic activities. She also works in the Psychological Service of PSU.