Аргашокова Светлана Хазраильевна

Argashokova Svetlana Khazrailyevna

Work experience: 21 years
Teaching experience: 21 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 20 years

Svetlana Khazrailyevna Argashokova

Candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor at the Chair of English Language and Professional Communication.
She graduated from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University in 2000, majoring in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication with English language and Practical Psychology qualification. In September 2001 she started working at the Chair of English Language and Professional Communication as an assistant lecturer.

S.K. Argashokova has 18 years of work experience.

She gives the following classes:
  1. Practical course of the Second Foreign Language for I and II year students – 45.03.02 Linguistics (Theory and Methods of Foreign Languages Teaching) and (Theory and Practice of Intercultural Communication) IRGLIHT;
  2. Foreign Language in Professional Activity (for Legal studies – 40.03.01, I year of Juridical Institute);
  3. Multimedia cross-culture communication in professional activity (for Legal studies – 40.03.01, I year of Juridical Institute);
  4. Foreign Language in Jurisprudence (for Legal studies – 40.03.01, I year of Juridical Institute).
Area of expertise:
Contemporary discourse studies, timely issues of professional-oriented foreign language teaching, pragmalinguistics, linguoecology.

Professional (personal) achievements:
  • The scientific rank of Candidate of Philological Sciences in 10.02.04 – German languages, was given to S.K. Argashokova by the dissertation board at Pyatigorsk State University and confirmed by the Higher Attestation Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on February 18, 2011;
  • Experienced specialist, who possesses progressive methods of English language teaching;
  • Successfully applies different multimedia facilities while teaching the English language;
  • Actively attends lectures and workshops, roundtables, practical classes, given by guest lecturers;
  • Author of more than 20 scientific articles including the ones published in RSCI and Web of Science editions;
  • In 2009 she remotely participated in the second international scientific conference “Scientific industry of the European Continent in Prague, Czech Republic” and published an article titled “Utilization of Internet Resources in the Foreign Language Study Process”.
Additional training:
Provision of Competent-Oriented Linguistic Educational Programs in the Context of Government Requirements (2014-2015, PSLU).