Имнаев Шабан Абдулла-Оглы

Imnayev Shaban Abdulla-Ogly

E-mail: imnaev@pgu.ru
Phone: 400-212
Work experience: 33 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 30 years

Shamil Abdulaevich Imnaev has been heading the Chair of Physical Education and Sports since 2005, Director of PSU sports center, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Assistant Professor, he graduated from German Language Department in 1991. 

In 1997 S.A. Imnaev graduated from the Sports Department at Stavropol State University, majoring in “Physical education teacher”. He is a recipient of the award of excellence in Physical Education and Sports of Russia, and a Candidate Master of Sports in Volleyball.

In 2002 he successfully defended his thesis on “Teaching Methods of Rational Breathing in a Process of Physical Education of Students from a Special Medical Group” and received a degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences in 13.00.04 Theory and Methods of Physical Education, Sports Training, Recreational and Adaptive Physical Education.

S.A. Imnaev has 38-years experience of work in a higher school. And he is actively involved in scientific and research work.

He has published a number of articles in different level editions. The recent most significant works were the works, published in foreign Scopus journals:

1. Imnaev S.A. Problems of Effective Propaganda of VFSK GTO (Perspectives on the Use of New Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Modern Economy // Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. - Springer, 2018).

2. Imnaev S.A., Osadchiy A.I., Babchenko A.P. Information and Communication Technologies as a Factor of Tourist Product Promotion (Perspectives on the Use of New Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Modern Economy // Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. - Springer, 2018).

3. Imnaev S.A. Innovative management system in the field of physical culture and sports (regional component). (Web of Science, Scopus, HAC databases).

4. Imnaev S.A., Osadchiy A.I., Kibisheva S.M. The factors controlling the development of physical culture. (Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. – Springer, 2020. Scopus).

5. Imnaev S.A. Conceptual foundations of innovative processes in the education system. ((Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing. – Springer, 2020. Scopus).

6. Imnaev S.A. Pedagogical conditions for the formation of physical and motor culture of students in the process of sports-oriented physical education. (Siberian Federal University Journal. Humanitarian Sciences, 2021).

7. Imnaev S.A. Digital content of physical culture in higher education. (Theory and Practice of Physical Education).

8. Imnaev S.A. The concept of pedagogical innovations in education.

In total Associate Professor published more than 170 scientific and academic works in leading Russian journals and prestigious journals of Germany, Poland, the USA, Spain. He published two monographs with the Academic Methodological Association mark.

From 2018 to 2020 he supervised the following methodical aids, composed and published in the electronic library of PSU:

1. Theory and Methodology of Physical Education (in schemes);
2. Screening of a Physical State of a Persson (lectures);
3. Optimization of Health of Young Students by Means of Fitness and Athletics.

Two candidates of sciences successfully defended their theses under the S.A. Imnaev’s guidance (A.I. Osadchiy, R.V. Strelnikov) and at present, the third candidate Y.A. Pushkarskaya is preparing for defense. 

During the whole of his work, Shamil Imnaev has been actively involved in different conferences, seminars, meetings, and forums, improving his skills, perfecting huge background knowledge, and strengthening the image of the university. S.A. Imnaev takes advanced training on a regular basis.

Shamil Imnaev is an initiator and active participator of all innovational technologies introduction in the field of physical education and sports. He is an author of several scientific projects, providing guidance for all the participators. Together with MIALE S.A. Imnaev worked out an innovative course for the training of experts in the field of physical education and sports.

S.A. Imnaev is an outstanding expert. He provides all types of works, according to the academic plan, at a high professional level. The classes he gives, are remarkable by their theoretic reasoning, emotional content, and practice focus. Shamil Imnaev is distinguished for his responsible and creative attitude to work, teaching tact, communicability with students, lecturers, and workers. 

S.A. Imnaev focuses mostly on the educational work with students, promoting a healthy lifestyle. He takes an active part in the different types of competitions. He works with men and women volleyball teams of PSU, which won first places in different competitions at the Russian level.

On June 29, 2014, S.A. Imnaev was given the rank of “Honorary Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation.”