Аствацатурова Майя Арташесовна

Astvatsaturova Mayya Artashesovna

Work experience: 43 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 43 years
Maya Artashesovna Astvatsaturova was born in Baku, Azerbaijan SSR. In 1978 she graduated with honors from the North Ossetian State University (philologist, teacher of Russian language and literature). In 1985 M.A. Astvatsaturova received a scientific degree of a candidate of historical sciences, in 1995 she received a scientific rank of associate professor at the Chair of History.

M.A. Astvatsaturova worked at North Ossetian State University and at Pyatigorsk Branch of North Caucasus Academy of Public Administration from 1978 to 2011 as the head of an editorial and publishing division, associate professor at the Chair of Political History, Dean of the Department of Government and Municipal Administration, and Deputy Director for Scientific and Research Work.

In 2003 she defended her doctor of political sciences thesis at Presidential Russian Academy of Public Administration. In 2007 she received a scientific rank of professor at the Chair of Politology and Ethnopolicy.

Since 2011 M.A. Astvatsaturova has been working as professor, and since 2013 as the head of Scientific and Educational Center of Political and Ethnopolitical Studies at Pyatigorsk State University. She is a member of dissertation boards on political science, she supervises candidate and doctoral dissertations.

M.A. Astvatsaturova’s area of expertise includes ethnosocial, ethno-demographic ethnopolitical processes in the Russian Federation and North Caucasus region, implementation of national and migration policy of the Russian Federation, anticonflictogenic management of interethnic relations. She worked out the concepts of ethnocultural enclave, an ethnocultural model of civic society, ethnopolitical timeout.

M.A. Astvatsaturova is a coordinator of a North Caucasus department of the Ethnological Monitoring and Early Conflict Resolution Network. Since 2003 M.A. Astvatsaturova has been the head and expert of plenty of research monitoring projects of regional, Russian, and international levels. Since 2013 she had been a coordinator of projects of the Distribution Center of International and Religious Problems at Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation in the North Caucasus Federal District.

M.A. Astvatsaturova is an author of more than 300 scientific articles, monographs, expert reports, academic aids, program products for authorities and administration as well as for institutes of civil society.

M.A. Astvatsaturova is a member of a range of Public Advisory councils and committees: Committee on Migration Issues and Social-Cultural Adaptation of Migrants, Presidential Council on International Relations, Expert Council of Federal Agency on Nationalities, Expert Council of North Caucasus Federal District, Council of Peacekeeping Mission of General A. Lebed, Stavropol Krai Governor Council on Interethnic Relations, etc.

She is conferred a number of regional and federal awards. She is a veteran of labor of the Russian Federation.