Барышников Николай Васильевич

Baryshnikov Nikolay Vasilyevich

E-mail: baryshnikov@pgu.ru
Phone: 400-234
Work experience: 49 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 46 years
The whole professional life of Professor Nikolay Vasilievich Baryshnikov, Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences is related to Pyatigorsk State University (former Pyatigorsk State Pedagogic Institute of Foreign Languages (PSPIFL), Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University (PSLU)).

Professor entered the Department of French Language in 1967, after graduation from Ladbalkovskaya school in Krasnogvardeisky district of Stavropol Krai. 

Nikolay Baryshnikov started his pedagogic activity at school no. 2, 6, and 8 in Svetlograd, Stavropol Krai, where he gave classes of English, and then at the middle school of Voznesensk, Apanasenkovsky district, as a teacher of French. Later he worked as an assistant at the Chai of Foreign Languages at Pyatigorsk Pharmaceutical Institute. 

After he received a necessary practical experience in foreign languages teaching at middle and high school, N.V. Baryshnikov enrolled in postgraduates studies at the Chair of Teaching Methods of Foreign Languages at A.I. Gertsen Leningrad State Pedagogic Institute (today A.I. Gertsen Russian State Pedagogic University), headed by Professor S.F. Shatilova, Doctor of Pedagogic Sciences. Associate Professor Tatyana Aleksandrovna Chistyakova, Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, supervised the scientific work of Nikolay Baryshnikov.

After successful graduation from postgraduate studies, Nikolay Baryshnikov started working at Pyatigorsk State University, beginning from the assistant, senior lecturer, head of the chair of the Methodology of Foreign Languages Teaching, and after a while, he became a Prorector for Extramural Education.

In 1981 he defended his candidate dissertation on “Teaching of Reading Using Bilingual Dictionary in the Middle School (on the materials of French)”, in 1984 he acquainted an academic rank of associate professor.

From 1988 to 1991 Associate Professor N.V. Baryshnikov was sent to a duty trip to Kongo as a teacher of Russian at the branch of Pushkin Institute of Russian Language. Since that time he has been collaborating with the Institute of Russian Language. N.V. Baryshnikov is a member of ROPRYAL (Rusian Community of Russian Language and Literature Teachers) and a member of the recently renewed Association of Russian Literature.

After his return from the long-term mission, N.V. Baryshnikov was appointed as a Prorector for Academic Work and the first Prorector of the university. He worked in that position for almost 15 years. 

Since 1998 till present Nikolay Baryshnikov has been heading the Chair of Methodology and Teaching of Foreign Languages (followed by his initiative in 2005 it was transformed into the Chair of Theory and Methodology of International Communication Teaching, and then in 2014 into the Chair of Intercultural Communication, Linguodidactica, Pedagogic Technologies of Education and Teaching). He heads Pyatigorsk Methodic School, where he opened new scientific directions: ethnolinguodidactics, rational methodology, didactics of multilingualism. Author concept of the four foreign languages study has been being tested and improved in the unique linguodidactic experiment since 2003, supervised by the author.

In 1998 N.V. Baryshnikov began organizing Lempert Readings in memory of his lecturer Associate Professor B.D. Lempert, the first head of the Chair of Methodology. It is an international scientific and methodological symposium where leading Russian and foreign methodologists generate innovational technologies of foreign languages and cultures teaching. On April 11-12, 2018, a 20th anniversary Symposium took place, devoted to the 70th anniversary of Professor N.V. Baryshnikov.

N.V. Baryshnikov is one of the initiators, organizers, and developers of a program called “Peace in the North Caucasus Through Languages, Education, and Culture”. Implementation of this program leads the chair’s scientific laboratory to a new level, including the formation of ethnolinguodidactics, a new direction of the methodology of foreign language teaching.

In 1995 N.V. Baryshnikov acquainted an academic rank of professor and in four years he defended his doctoral dissertation on “Authentic Texts Reading Teaching without Perfect Command of Foreign Language (French as the Second Foreign Language, Middle School)”, which he wrote without a scientific supervisor.

From 2001 to 2016 Professor N.V. Baryshnikov headed the Dissertation Board of doctor and candidate of pedagogic and psychological sciences in general pedagogics, history of pedagogics and education; theory and methodology of education and teaching (foreign languages) and pedagogic psychology. During his work at the board, more than 160 applicants defended their dissertations. Professor N.V. Baryshnikov is in demand it Dissertation Boards of the country as an official opponent (MSLU, MPSU, RSPU, NCFU, DSPU, KCSU).

N.V. Baryshnikov organized his scientific school, where dozens of students took professional training. Professor’s principal area of expertise includes the rational methodology of foreign languages teaching in different conditions; intercultural communication; didactics of multilingualism. More than 50 candidate and doctoral dissertations were defended under his supervision.

Nikolay Baryshnikov is the author of a big amount of works published in regional and central scientific journals.

N.V. Baryshnikov read lectures at Liege University (Belgium), at Minsk State Linguistic University (Belarus), Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn (Poland). N.V. Baryshnikov is an active participant in international, all-Russian, and regional conferences.

N.V. Baryshnikov is a director of a university school of the professional methodological mastership of beginning lecturers.

Nikolay Baryshnikov enjoys recognized credibility in the professional community. He is often invited to prestigious seminars and conferences. At a forum, devoted to the 100th anniversary of G.V. Rogova in MPSU, Professor N.V. Baryshnikov organized a workshop on the innovational professional training of a foreign language teacher. At a conference, devoted to the 100th anniversary of Professor S.F. Shatilov he presented his program report.

Professor N.V. Baryshnikov published more than 150 scientific works, including monographs, in foreign HAC and Web of Science journals. He read lectures on intercultural communication as a visiting professor at Warmia and Mazury University (Poland).

A contribution of N.V. Baryshnikov to science and development of higher professional education is highly appreciated by the scientific community. He is a member of the International Association of Teachers of English as Foreign Language, a member of the American Association of Communication, academician of the Academy of Pedagogic and Social Sciences, academician of International Academy of Sciences of Pedagogic Education, academician of Y.A. Komensky International Slavic Academy of Education.

N.V. Baryshnikov is a member of the editorial board of Vestnik PGU journal, central scientific and methodological journal of Foreign Languages in School, Acta Polono-Ruthenica scientific and methodical journal of Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn, Multilingualism in Education journal of Udmurt State University (Izhevsk).