Петренко Татьяна Филипповна

Petrenko Tatyana Filippovna

Work experience: 41 years
Teaching experience: 41 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 41 years

Tatyana Filippovna Petrenko, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Professor, a member of the jury, and a certified examiner for DELF/DALF French diplomas. She graduated postgraduate studies at M. Thorez Moscow State Pedagogic Institute of Foreign Languages under the supervision of Professor L.I. Ilya, an expert in French literary text and semiotics, author of more than 130 scientific publications, including 10 textbooks, 6 of which have a stamp of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation and Academic Methodical Association of the Ministry of Education. Methodic aids «Voyage dans les coulisses du tourisme français», «Douce France», «France: art, culture, littérature», «Interculturel: Sensibilité et compétence», «Le Monde aux mille visages», and “Advertisement Language in Tourism” are used by the lectors for practicum of professional-oriented speech and practice course of the first foreign language at IV year of the Department of the French Language and in master’s programs, methodic aid in two parts “Language and Style” is a fundamental aid in the teaching of semiotics at the departments of the French, Spanish, and German languages as well as in master’s studies. She is an author of 25 electronic courses in the electronic educational environment of PSU, has a certificate of Rospatent in database registration.

She is awarded a certificate of merit of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. She also has an honorary degree and award pin “Honorary Worker of the Russian Federation Education” and “Honorary Professor of Pyatigorsk State University.”