Юндин Роман Николаевич

Yundin Roman Nikolayevich

Work experience: 9 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 9 years

Roman Nikolaevich Yundin graduated from PSLU in 2007. In 2011, he defended his candidate thesis on “Psychological Determinants of the Development of a Personal Readiness of Students to Build a Successful Professional Career” (19.00.07 Pedagogic Psychology).

He has been working at PSU since 2011.

R.N. Yundin took professional retraining on informational technologies (Pyatigorsk, 2017).

Area of expertise: social and pedagogic psychology. He participates in the assessment service development.

R.N. Yundin heads “Psychology of Personality and Professional Activity” – a scientific and educational center of the chair.

He was awarded a Certificate of Honor from the Duma of Pyatigorsk for long-term responsible labor in the system of higher education and for the 80th anniversary of Pyatigorsk State University (2019).