Арутюнян Радмила Эдуардовна

Arutyunyan Radmila Eduardonva

Phone: 400-975
Work experience: 19 years
Teaching experience: 11 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 10 years

Radmila Eduardovna Arutyunyan, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, Head of the Chair of State and Law Theory, deputy Director of Juridical Institute on academic work. 

She graduated from the Juridical Department at Institute of Management, Business, and Law in 2003. 

She began her teaching career and the higher school in 2003. In 2012 she successfully defended her Candidate of Juridical sciences thesis on “Public Control in the System of Public Administration on the Example of the Russian Federation Subjects” at Moscow Humanitarian University. R.E. Arutyunyan takes an active part in scientific conferences, including international conferences. She is an author of more than 30 scientific articles and academic aids. 

Area of her expertise includes the problems of state and public control in the state government bodies, constitutional justice, problems of law enforcement. 

Radmila Arutyunyan successfully runs Guild of Young Lawyers - discussion club, formed at the Juridical Institute, and leads an active research work with students.