Каспарян Константин Викторович

Kasparyan Konstantin Viktorovich

Konstantin Viktorovich Kasparyan, Candidate of Historic Sciences, Associate Professor with scientific and pedagogic experience of 15 years.

He graduated from Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University as a Teacher of English and German Languages in 2001.

K.V. Kasparyan has been working at Pyatigorsk State University since September 1, 2004, and as an associate professor at the Chair of Historic and Social-Philosophic Disciplines, Oriental Studies, and Theology since September 1, 2009. At present K.V. Kasparyan gives the following classes: History, History of Russian-Chinese Relations, History of China, History of International Relations of Asian and African Countries, History of Early Islam, History of Russian Diplomacy, History of Russian Foreign Policy Persons, History of Ancient World, History of Asian and African Countries, at Higher School of Management; History of International Relations in 1900-1991 at Institute of International Relations; History of China at Institute of Translatology and Multilingualism.

On March 3, 2006, he defended his candidate of historical sciences dissertation on Russian-British Foreign-policy Relations and Dynastic Relations in the Middle 1830s – beginning of XX Century at the dissertation board of Pyatigorsk State Technological University. K.V. Kasparyan published more than 60 scientific works, including 4 monographs as an author and co-author.

Area of expertise: history of China, history of Russian-Chinese relations, history of Russian-British relations, history of Russian diplomacy. 

He is a participant of international, Russian, and regional scientific and practice conferences.

K.V. Kasparyan is a supervisor of Rivers of Time student discussion club of history lovers, organizer of League of Intellectual History Games contest, and the head of A.I. Perepelitsyn Center of World Regional Historic Processes and Cross-cultural Dialogue. Associate Professor K.V. Kasparyan supervises student career guidance projects, 5 of which won the first place. He is in charge of competition on student educational and career guidance projects within the Innovational Potential of University Youth competition. In September 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 he took part in the organization of meetings of final years students who practiced in China with freshers and sophomores of Higher School of Management. 

K.V. Kaspatyan is a co-author of academic aids: History of Western European Countries, Part 1. Great Britain. Germany. 2nd revised and enlarged edition. Textbook for Academic Bachelor Studies; and History of Arabic Countries, 2nd revised and enlarged edition. Textbook for Bachelor and Master Studies, published in Urait publishing house in Moscow. It received a designation from the Academic Methodological Association of Classic University Education in Russia. K.V. Kasparyan is an author of academic aid “Preparation for Uniform Exam on Russian History – 2018”.

K.V. Kasparyan supervised 26 graduation works on Oriental Studies and African Studies, and History of International Relations in 2014-2019. The works are represented as a project with commercialization and further registration as an object of intellectual property based on license agreements. 

K.V. Kasparyan took part in the preparation of student scientific projects for grant competitions: Russian Academy of Science medals with grants for young scientists of Russia and for the students of higher education facilities for the best scientific works in 2018. The work on Dictatorship Regimes of Latin America in the middle of the 1940s – the end of the 1970s as a Distinguishing Feature of Regional Political Culture (K.G. Egina, K.V. Kasparyan). September-October 2019; participation and victory in Memory – all-Russian Competition for grants from the federal budget to non-commercial organizations including youth and children associations (excluding government agencies), for the organization of events aimed at the promotion of patriotic education of the Russian Federation citizens.