Май-Борода Галина Николаевна

May-Boroda Galina Nikolayevna

Work experience: 15 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 15 years

Galina Nikolaevna May-Boroda graduated from Stavropol State Agricultural Academy majoring in Accounting and Auditing with Economist qualification in 1998. She is the Candidate of Economic Sciences in 08.00.05 – Economy and National Economy Management. The scientific degree of the Candidate of Economic Sciences was granted by the dissertation council for candidate degrees at K.L. Khetagurov North Ossetian State University on July 6, 2011, and she was given a Diploma of the Candidate of Sciences DNK no. 147468 by HAC of the Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science dated 12/29/2011 no. 47/nk-9. She acquired a rank of associate professor followed by the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation dated 07/13/2017 no. 761/nk in Economics, and National Economy Management. Galina May-Boroda works at the Chair of Creative and Innovative Management and Law.

Galina May-Boroda gives the lectures and practical classes on Organization Theory; Government and Business in Innovational Activity; Management Principles; Organization Management; Economy of the Social Sector; Management in a Social Sphere; Contemporary Problems of Management; Theory of Organization and Organizational Behavior; Innovational Management in Education; Forecasting and Planning; Contracts and Foreign Trade Documentation; Embargos and Limitations in Foreign Trade; Customs Management; Laboratory of Service Activity, Volunteering, Innovational Projecting, and Entrepreneurship.

Galina May-Boroda takes an active part in scientific and methodic work of the chair. She supervises graduation works of bachelor’s and master’s students.

Area of expertise includes general questions concerning researches of the integrated potential of an agro-industrial complex. Recent years she has been researching the issues of management in education, social and cultural activity, government and municipal management, social work, customs.

She is an author of a number of scientific articles and monographs, which reflect the results of her scientific studies.

She takes part in different scientific conferences, congresses, seminars of international, Russian, regional, and university levels. She supervises the research work of students. Galina May-Boroda accomplishes advanced training following the plan and always in time.