Ковалева Татьяна Николаевна

Kovaleva Tatyana Nikolayevna

Work experience: 32 years
Teaching experience: 9 years
Scientific and teaching experience: 29 years
Tatyana Nikolaevna Kovaleva’s area of expertise includes Christian text of Russian literature, Russian literature, and the East, semiotics of artistic image, artistic time and space.

Associate Professor T.N. Kovaleva actively participates in International Scientific Conferences, organized by A.M. Gorky Institute of World Literature “New Testament Images and Scenes in Russian Culture of the First Third of XX Century” (Moscow), International Scientific Conferences on “Evangelical Text in Russian Literature”, held by the Scientific Center for New Russian Literature Concept Creation (Petrozavodsk State University), International Scientific Conferences on “Eurasian Linguocultural Paradigm and Globalization Processes: Transfer of Cultures, Russian-Caucasus Relations” (Pyatigorsk, PSU).

T.N. Kovaleva manages a scientific and research educational project of “Biblical Images and Narratives in Russian Literature” (PSU).